brand spanking New Year!

2 January 2012

so its another new year! Nao and I don't usually do much on New Years Eve, we are a bit old fogey-ish, but this year I wasn't feeling too chipper, so we did even less!
At about 20 to 12, we hopped in our van and drove about 100 yards around the corner of our flat, and parked by the roadside. Its on a big hill, and we could get a good view of the London Eye {where the London fireworks exploded on the count of Big Ben}. It was a last minute decisions, so we grabbed the champagne we happen to already have, and an old sauce pan for an ice bucket, classy.

amazingly, we saw that others had the same notion, and were gathering on the pavement with little fold-up tables and champagne glasses at the ready. I had my Ukulele and managed my first tune...

the fireworks didn't pick up on the camera, but they were pretty impressive and so loud considering how far away they were.

Since then we haven't done much to be honest and am actually quite ashamed of how much I have eaten and how little {Nill} exercise I have done in the past week!
Today though, we thought it would be nice to go out in the van and have a lunch somewhere. We went to Knole Park but annoyingly, it was closed for vehicles, and we had to back our van out onto the main road with a whole queue of traffic behind us...
We ended up parking on a country lane near Biggin Hill as we were starvin.

Even just warming up food in your campervan is exciting.

I love this photo Nao took, of the steam rising from our soup.
A very satisfying way to spend an afternoon...

and the husbond mastered a new trick of balancing a mug of tea on the belly whilst also sleeping.

Its a quiet way of life, but y'know, we are getting on a we are practising for when we are proper old fogies.

Theres always lots to contemplate this time of the year, and we have spent many an afternoon in our van, drinking tea and pondering whats in store for us in the coming year. Well, we have a few things that we have planned, which is quite exciting, but generally speaking, we like things the way they are!

Happy 2012 lovely readers!

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