31 December 2011

the time inbetween

yes, its that time again, ...when I regret eating so much and i cant work out what day it is...
I meant to tidy the flat for the last three days but somehow it hasn't happened yet. I have though, made up a few of these amazing PomPoms sent from some lovely friends in holland.
I will hang them above my desk {once I have tidied the flat}.

Husbondo and I decided that we would learn to play instruments for when we go camping in the summer, and due to the space limitations of our campervan, I decided on the Ukulele {as i already play the guitar a little bit} and Nao is going for the bongo drums!
We bought each other the instruments for xmas. Ukulele is alot like playing the guitar luckily, but the chords are all different! Anyways, I have picked up about 8 chords so far...hopefully by summer I can play a little song for you!!

I plan to learn a Hawaiian song...so if any Hawaiians out there can recommend me any, Id be greatly grateful! {a long shot I know}

So I have been spending the days thinking about all the things I should do, but without actually moving much. I think the xmas decs should come down tomorrow and be replaced with bunches of Daffs.

Nao and I have been enjoying the BBC's new production of Great Expectations on the telly so much that Nao bought up all the other Dickens dvds for us to watch...

Im too lazy to read the books ; )



  1. What a gorgeous post! We always take the decs down on a lazy new years day. I think a cooked breakfast, maybe a little fresh air walk and a Sunday veggie roast are in order tommorrow. Playing the ukulele is on my list of things to do, I'm sure I'll get round to it one day. Wishing you a wonderful new year, looking forward to reading your blog next year. Lissylou x

  2. Tell me how Bleak House goes! My friend just lent it to me but Dickens makes me a bit depressed sometimes so I'm reluctant to pop it in!

  3. Happy new year you two and thanks for entertaining us all for another year! xx

  4. happy new year or "gott nytt år" like we say in sweden!!

  5. Hi Artemis,
    You should check out this You Tube clip, The NZ Ukulele Orchestra. Filmed in my hometown hood.
    It's gold!
    Jo xxx

  6. Happy New Year! Love your blog...
    Greetings from Portugal.

  7. The Texan and I loved Great Expectations too! Although I thought actor playing the grown up Pip was too much of a pretty boy... Nonetheless, it was far the best thing on the telly this Christmas!

    Cat xxx

  8. Ukulele is really fun! I used a print out of this -http://bloggingcafechick.blogspot.com/2009/04/ukulele-practice.html and it got me started pretty happily.

  9. Happy new year Artemis- may 2012 see plenty of lovely duets xx

  10. It was amazing wasn't it! (Great Expectations.) I'm glad the BBC seem to have given up on their 'we're not going to make any more period dramas'. They do them so well. (Have you ever seen 'North and South' - not Dickens, but Gaskell was a friend of his?)

    Have really enjoyed to read your blog this year. All your pictures and words inspire me to keep looking around and noticing things. Thank-you


  11. Great Expectations was so good - I might have to copy Nao and get some dvd's. I always find Dickens tedious to read. Hope you both have a wonderful 2012 and looking forward to reading about your adventures. Karen X

  12. Love your blog! Just found you at Campervan Christmas and having lived in a campervan for 5 months love the mindset. Funny, my blog, which I am trying to work myself up to writing in again, is called in between times. Love that space

  13. Happy new year! Your flat is just adorable, like usual. Hurray for learning new instruments!

  14. Anonymous1.1.12

    I'm delurking to say, Welcome to the uke brethren! (joined this time last year myself) I'm quite partial to a bit of 'Ukulele Mike' on Youtube - clear tutorials and his whimaways in 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' are infectious!

  15. That's a good idea, I was wondering whether to take my decs town 12 days after Christmas but I think I need to get on with the spring and make everything cheery! I think the Ukulele is an amazing idea! I have been learning to play the harmonica and so far I've mastered 3 blind mice and happy birthday (you never know when you may need that one!)


  16. Anonymous1.1.12

    "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", sung and 'ukele-ed' by an Hawaiian.


  17. Oh Hi there,

    I'm not hawaiian, but here's a cute song that you could learn:

    "Hula Hana of Kamana Whala Hula Bay"

    I'm not sure who sings it or wrote it or anything.

    Also, Happy New Year.

  18. Great Expectations was the highlight of my Christmas telly, I wouldn't be able to read the books either, too much olde worlde talk for my brain to take in ;o)

  19. Anonymous2.1.12

    hello, lovely post as always, my mum looked over my shoulders when i was reading and she's asked me to ask you how are those peach and green pompoms made?is there a pattern?

  20. Happy New Year! Just want to say I LOVE your blog. I live in Australia and can't wait to trip around Cornwall and the beautiful coast of England when our family is a bit older...anyway your blog is so inspiring and I look forward to reading about your latest jaunts and op shop finds!

  21. Firstly Happy New Year! I love your van, I just a little bit green eyed!! I also love the shot of you both on the ferry, we went on that very ferry in the summer to visit the Isle, which i love too. Many Childhood family holidays enjoyed there. I've enjoyed your blog and look forward to more of the same :)

  22. Kamilaji2.1.12

    I have loved discovering your blog this year. Your camper has inspired the renovation of our tiny Airstream camper - on our "to-do" list for 2012. Happy New Year!

  23. Bleak House is wonderful. Perfect for a full day of laziness and sofa lounging on a rainy day!

  24. What a handsome looking ukulele. What make is it? I love the inlay.

  25. i love those films! our mutual friend being a particular favorite. :)

  26. Anonymous24.3.13

    Im hawaiian :) Im from honolulu, hi, but i go to school in new york. the first song that you usually learn is "surf." you can youtube it. its really simple. best of luck. i just stumbled across your blog and have read up to this point in one day! obsessed! aloha :)