thank you all!

22 December 2011

Well my lovely readers, its time for us to head off in our camper van for me and Nao would like to wish you all a very peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas!
Thank you all for your very kind comments as always, I look forward to reading them every day {every few minutes in fact!} and they have kept my head above water when real life is a bit stressful! I'm really looking forward to next year, so there will be lots more to come from Junkaholique in 2012...

Also, I have already started making motions for next year...I have set up a Junkaholique facebook page, and Junkaholique Twitter  which I have as of yet not done much with {as I just did it today!}, but please do feel free to follow me on there too ; )

Another big change afoot is...'The Bucket Tree' will be no longer! In January I will be moving my shop to which will be the exact same shop, just a different name & link. It will link directly from this site and from The Bucket Tree when it is fully operational. In January I have a mountain of goodies to upload to the new shop, and also having a SALE!

Quite a few changes eh?
Another change...I just bought myself some glittery gold eyeliner!! ...I'll be wearing high heels next! XXX

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