3 December 2011

New RUST Jewelleries!

Hello! I love this buffalo {?} creature don't you? I used him a lot in our new jewellery photos. Its his expression, just kills me!
I have just finished making these new leaf rings, with either oak leaf or bay leaf, in solid 9ct gold and silver.
You can see them all on our online jewellery shop here.

and bracelets and necklaces too {some have the option of 18ct gold plating}

and we have re-stocked all of our popular items too, at long last...

I made these little lockets which are engraved on the outside and inside are little poems, you might need good glasses or an obliging mouse to read them though.

and some are lined in Liberty print silk fabric...

this tiny acorn is engraved with the words 'mighty oaks...'

...now I'm ready to shut my eyes and get some kip! I can't wait for a Sunday morning of nothing-ness, I feel like a zombie. x


  1. "oh , hello...my name is Nigel and I'm a lover not a fighter. Like my cousin Ferdinand, I love flowers."
    that's what that silly creature just said to me!
    beautiful display and exquisite opaque diamonds. love love !

  2. Stunning, exquisite, beautiful.....I could go on.......

  3. These are out of this world, and the way they are displayed are are quite delightful xxx

  4. These are beautiful. I have a little gold acorn from when I was a child but no leaf to go with it - one day perhaps.

  5. all I want for christmas is that acorn necklace. lust lust. my mum just spend hundreds of hours embroidering me an acorn cushion for my new house which, naturaly has oak trees on the land. i see my self lazing on it adorn in your GORGOEOUS jewlery.

  6. so beautiful :) I really love your style - simple, delicate, understated but very unique - I rarely wear jewelry, but I think that's what makes jewelry worth buying - its something special - love the lockets :) thanks for the post and all the hard work you put into your designs!

  7. Everything looks just stunning. My favourite is the lockets! Well done! Enjoy a restful Sunday!

  8. Such beautiful jewellery and I LOVE the display!

  9. These are such gorgeous pieces and the way the products were shot. . .awesome!!

    <3 Vega

  10. Your shop is lovely...just lovely!
    The jewelry is fabulous, every single piece.

  11. Nice photos! I love them, especially the little locket with poem. Thanks!