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christmas in a campervan

Posted on: 29.12.11

We are back from our three night christmas trip to the Isle of Wight. We have eaten plentifully and I have been spoilt rotten with pressies : )  It was lovely to take our van home to the Island on the ferry, kind of emotional {I was born on IOW}.
...We arrived an hour early at Portsmouth and had a cuppa whilst in the queue.

So funny when people look in through the windows and then realise we are inside, they looked so embarrassed, ha!

I think Lewes enjoyed the sea views {but not the salty air, vw's worst enemy}

after years of denial, I have to admit I now own an iPhone, and it is great for watching telly in the van. I have a wooden case for it to disguise its iphoneness.

We took so many pressies in the back, all for the familly peeps...

we managed to stop and catch a beautiful sunset on one of my fave roads on the Island.

and we had numerous cups of tea.

we parked our van outside of my Mum's flat, which is on a cliff edge, overlooking the sea. The power cable from her flat was very useful indeed, as we had bought a portable radiator with us.

On christmas morning we opened some of our pressies to each other, Nao got me so many...I couldn't believe it! and so beautifully wrapped too...

 He made me a stunning ring of white gold, with an opaque diamond...

 and some vw campervan chocolates...

and a heart shape locket, from RUST of course!
On Boxing Day, it is traditional for all the village folk to jump into the sea like lemmings.

needless to say, we just went to the pub after the exhausting watching.

A very lovely and memorable xmas indeed! I hope you all had a great one too! New Year next up...I cant believe how fast the years spin by these days. xxx


  1. Anonymous29.12.11

    What were you watching on your phone?

  2. Lewes looks very handsome on the ferry (with impressively neat packing in the back I must add)!

  3. Wow! I love the snapshots from the road. What a memorable Christmas! Thanks for sharing. (Nao is an excellent gift-giver!) xo.

  4. What a wonderful way to spend x-mas! Beautifull pictures. Sorry if my English isn't correct. Have a happy New Year!

  5. Anonymous29.12.11

    Just lovely what agreat christmas x

  6. This sounds amazing, I love your photos! Wish you a wonderful New Year's Eve :)

  7. Awesome, merry Christmas! Beautiful gifts from Nao.. I really need to visit the IOW sometime. Have a lovely New Year :)

  8. Anonymous29.12.11

    Just lovely xx

  9. lovely photos. your camper is so cozy. that ring is gorgeous. happy new year!

  10. What a wonderful and unique way to spend Christmas-- I love seeing the photos of the interior of the camper. Gorgeous gifts too, you're a lucky girl! Did the two of you get to do any vintage shopping with travelling?

  11. Merry Christmas! Love your van, such a gorgeous colour. Have a happy New year too :)

  12. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. I think that you are very brave sleeping in your van at this time of year; I find ours cold enough at night when we go to Cornwall in August (she's called Lexie BTW) :)

  13. This looks like just the loveliest Christmas. I'm so impressed (and a wee bit jealous) of the van, it looks amazing. Coming from an island where you have to be packed onto a ferry, this makes me a bit nostalgic as well. And beautiful gifts also, you are so lucky to be married to such a talented guy!

    All the best for the New Year!

  14. What a wonderful christmas and gorgeous gifts you lucky lady x

  15. Thanks for sharing your festive loveliness... Lewes is such a stylish chap! Very nice pressie wrapping too I must say... Happy New Year x

  16. Living like this would just be a dream.

  17. what a wonderful way to spend Christmas :-) We pick up our VW van next week and can't wait to get on the road in her! Happy New Year!

  18. Lovely Christmas images. Happy New Year to you and yours, Hope the new year brings you everything you wish for,

  19. What a lovely christmas road trip ! ^_^

  20. son inspiradores :) me muero por tener una van asi.
    you are so inspiring.

  21. Sounds fabulous. And I love that you have a wee tree in your van! Very festive!