10 December 2011

Christmas at RUST

so, today is our open day at Rust, and it seems to go from tumble-weed, to Piccadilly circus from one minute to the next! Very odd, anyway I had a bit of time this morning to take some snaps around the shop area after we finally tidied up and put up some xmassy lights etc...

this is where customers order their wedding/engagement rings. I recently painted the top of that old table because all the old paint was coming off and sticking to people's clothes. nice.

our opaque diamond rings have had a couple of new additions, and also a necklace.

I used some different wool tweed in the cabinets, actually looks quite good with the shiny metals on top.

we found these seaweed prints in the market, they are so old, but have really nice colours in them.

our rose-cut diamond necklaces live under this dome.

we also just added some white gold 'Little Diamond' items such as studs and necklace. The are 9ct gold with Rhodium plating.

also, 18ct gold plating onto silver. Due to the rise in metal prices, we found the retail price of gold is going to be very high, so we started doing plating as a more affordable option if you like traditional gold colour.
make sense? I hope so, anyway they proved to be pretty popular so far!

Nao painted those twigs with emulsion.

so thats it, our crimbo decorations are not that xmassy this year for some reason, but anyways, I think the place looks cleaner after our floor sanding episode.

Hope all you's in and about London can come and visit us today or next saturday {17th} during our Open days as it is always nice to see blog fellows in the flesh! You might even get a glass of something cheap and bubbly ; )


  1. Oh my goodness. What a beautiful shop you have.

  2. The shop is looking gorgeous, Artemis! And *big sigh* I really want that fish necklace...problem is, the Texan has already bought all my presents I think!

    Wish I could come by but I'm afraid I have flu and exams - not a very happy combination :( Hope the open days go well!

    Cat xxx

  3. everything looks so lovely, wish i lived closer to london to visit!

  4. Everything looks stunning! I love the non-Christmassy feel - it still somehow feels Christmassy!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful shop (clapping & bowing!).
    That floor is stunning...

  6. I love the way you design your displays, so creative and sensitive which reflects your jewellery perfectly. Amazing!
    If I am ever in London again - I will be visiting for sure!

  7. I've tagged you on #foodbloggersunplugged. I know you're not a food blogger but go with it, it's all good. I hope you don't mind but it's always nice to get a mention, isn't it.

  8. oh, your shop looks so lovely! Hope you're enjoyed the open day.

  9. really lovely styling Artemis xo. And the work looks delicious!

  10. shop looks amazing...is that a font in the middle of your space and if so how on earth did you get it there!!!

  11. Anonymous12.12.11

    I hope you don't mind me asking, was your floor solid oak? Did you finish it with something or is it just "raw"
    Sorry for being so nosey but my floor is similiar .I had visions of the Tate's unfinished flooring but it hasn't worked out llike that!

  12. Love everything about this shop - and your stuff is so amazing - bravo - wish you were open after the 21st -

  13. It all looks so beautiful, so creative

  14. Artemis, it looks as though your beautiful style of decoupage has influenced Vogue Gioiello!


  15. Oh la la! It is really cosy and attractively decorated!

    I wish I was in London to pop in saturday, but south of France is a bit too far for now...

    I hope you'll have lots of visits!