14 December 2011

ahhh the smell of Christmas!


Its that time of the year again...when one poor tree gets to live with us for a few weeks.

off we troddled to the local garden centre to select the specimen...
Its quite a tricky operation, because Im very fussy about the shape. But, then i start feeling sorry for all the odd looking wonky trees that didnt get picked. In other walks of life I'd like to chose the ugly one, but when it comes to Crimbo trees, I have to be ruthless.
we opted for a potted tree, and a fairly small one this year. The pot is massive and very heavy, and even though that tree is about the same height as me, it nearly didnt fit into the car. {or rather Nao almost didnt fit into the car}

I hope to get the chance to finish the decs this week, so I'll show you our {hopefully} twinkly flat.
BUT, we'll actually be camping in our van on the Isle of Wight this christmas! just for a few nights...

p.s. Dont forget our second RUST Jewellery Open Day is this saturday!!


  1. Ooooooowwooooo Christmas in a Camper Van sounds rather blissful. I hope you have a lovely time.

  2. Which garden centre do you go to? I live in your neck of the woods and need a christmas tree as well!

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas x

  3. So agree about the tree. Looking forward to seeing photos of your Christmas decs.

  4. There's nothing quite like the smell of a Chrimbo tree, but be careful as pine is poisonous for Plimsoll !!

  5. Lovely tale of the tree hunt, will be looking forward to all your beautiful "decs".

    Is your kitty the sort that nibbles on trees? Mine is unfortunately which makes tree time challenging!

    Happy holiday from a long time admirer of your blog and jewelery -j.

  6. it never stops being exciting, the annual tree excursion. so sorry i'll be missing your open days! nice "font" in the shop.

  7. Wow a camper van at Christmas in the cold, you are braver than I! Love the pic of the tree in the car- we have a similar issue every year!

  8. Valerie14.12.11

    it took me a few seconds to realize why Nao was actually sitting on the right seat to drive... and then I got it ! stupid French girl that I am !

    Joyeux Noël !

  9. Pretty tree! Can't wait to see it all dressed up! I felt like a bit of an idiot - it took me a beat to figure out what "decs" meant, and I had to google "Crimbo."

  10. That's so funny, my Mum is exactly the same about feeling sorry for the ugly trees. When I was younger we had some really mis-shapen specimens joining us for Christmas. One time it even had a second siamese tree growing horizontally out from the trunk half way up!

  11. pimsoll is so so cute ! Happy christmas!

  12. Anonymous17.12.11