plunging into winter

5 November 2011

Oh november, not my favourite month I have to say. Nao and I have been treating ourselves to nice things to compensate for the dark days ahead. We bought a new candle and have been consuming many cups of tea and choccie biccies.

after renovating our van, we had a large off cut of carpet left over {actually it is about four sizes bigger than the bit we used}. So we have put it on our living room floor for the time being.

Plimsoll has just discovered the delights of 100% pure wool loop.
{and her new snack of choice...trout flavoured chewy sticks}

however she most certainly is not amused by all the firework noise outside, in fact she hates it. She normally runs under the bed terrified. She will look like this for the next few days around Guy Fawkes night...

and very sadly, someone was shot and killed just yards from our house recently so I think she has reason to worry about the bangs. It really makes you appreciate and enjoy the small things in life like candles and fresh flowers and peace and quite.

{i do like fireworks very much though!}

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