making friends with autumn

13 November 2011

we went for a little walk today, in the woods tucked in between Forest Hill and Dulwich. London is amazing sometimes when you find patches of nature where you wouldn't expect it.

we had a very huge roast lunch at the pub, then walk, then back to the pub for pudding {gingerbread and custard} then back to watch telly. Not a bad way to spend a day I say.

we past this wonderfully crumbly building, its huge and has been this way for many years.

I found that little boys wool blazer in the market, also my new {old} scarf, and under my jacket although you cant see it, is a 1920s cotton vest that I wear all the time! Its pale pink and is about to fall apart, I will wear it until it dies. That is love.

I'm quite keen on my Welsh tapestry bag and black moccasins too.
Nao is wearing an old school blazer and college scarf, so we are both looking a bit academic today, which is ironic because I can barely count on my fingers. {Nao is pretty good at sums though}

So, it is now getting dark at 4.30pm and we are working out our survival plan for the coming months. It involves lots of eating. {actually thats as far as we got on the plan}
bye for now peeps! X

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