10 November 2011

Not much has been going on of interest lately, hence the rather sparse blog. Nao and I are coping with the winter blues, combined with a mountain of jewellery and shop things to get done before the big 'C' looming, so we are looking a little glum.
Anyhow, one way to cheer us up is to spend money! So off we trotted to the West-End to see what we could find to put a smile on our faces.
We went to the much talked about 'Anthropologie'. Although normally the more people go on about something, the less interested I become, but we were curious what was so good about it.
Well, I have to say I did enjoy browsing that huge shop, and although not much tickled my fancy in the end, I did spot this lovelyglass whale bauble. Bit pricey, but if it makes me happy then it's got to be worth it right?
I love its cheeky grin and glittery blow-hole {that sounds really rude, apologies}.

we couldn't resit popping into Liberty of course, no West-End trip would be complete! Nao purchased some rather fine aftershave, its smells gorgeous and even comes with his name printed on the bottle {if you look very close!} wowsers, we were sold!

I found some nice battery fairy lights from Muji for the van, although they are little blue/white colour, I am planning to put them into paper lined jam jars and use as table lamp whilst camping.

we have also been to quite a few markets lately, I bought loads of stuff, and these are a mere smidgen of the batch. Most of them are for the Bucket Tree, which I am not sure if will get the chance to upload before xmas, I'll keep yous posted on that!

This little fella will help put many smiles on my face this winter ; )

Yesterday, Nao assembled this cardboard theatre {instead of doing the accounts!}

We are going to use it for display in our Rust shop somehow.

it is Cinderella, and even comes with the script.

Plimsoll is just happy with the tissue paper left over...

so next time I see yous here, I hopefully will have a huge pile of perfectly finished jewellery, and accounts all up to date! wheres that cork screw gone?...

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