19 November 2011

electric avenue.

we went over to Brixton today to visit our friend Madeleine. There is so much happening in Brixton these days, so its always very inspiring to see whats new. It is a lovely place to go and eat, there is so much choice {although its hard to find a table at peak lunchtime}. Madeleine showed us this amazing place called 'Seven at Brixton'. I loved the decor. Upstairs there are lots of little rooms with art installations in, and you are free to wander about and peruse.

an amazing huge anglepoise lamp.

Madeleine also took us to a new little vintage market, I could have parted with all my pennies here, but I resisted. There are other craft fairs and boot sales planned for this space too so I'll definitely be back.

Me and Nao are always admiring pooches that we pass {although I never thought I was a 'dog' person!} I loved this one....

{sorry these pics are all fuzzy, it was getting a bit dark!}

In other news...

We have been so busy at work, I'm trying to make some stock for xmas as we keep running out and customers are not happy about that! But it is tricky to juggle all the admin-y stuff and do creative things too. We normally get to work around 12.30 and then get home around 9.30 -10pm so we've been eating take-aways in the workshop for dinner : (
We managed to get away earlier on Friday and ate at a pub around the corner. I had goats cheese salad and Nao had a Partridge with three bullets in it.

I LOVE these old London pubs, I'm so pleased that people aren't ripping them out any more. That glass is amazing!
Happy weekend XXX


  1. Looks like a lovely place to visit! Being so busy is both a blessing and a curse! Good luck with Christmas preparations :)

  2. Hope the bullets were tasty.



  3. Madeleine has also posted about 'Seven at Brixton' and have already posted there. I keep meaning to plan a visit to London (it's been 7 years now!) and am going to have to organise a meeting with Madeleine for her to show me these little haunts - as well as the mudlarking that she does! I'm going to have to visit for a month at this rate!

  4. I would like to know the name of local pub Artemis goes to and mentions on this blog sometimes. Does anyone know the name? Thank you!

  5. Lovely photos!
    Sounds like you had a great day out - your photos made me wish I was wandering around there now rather than working!

  6. I absolutely love everything that is posted on this blog, by far one of my favorites.

    Happy sunday :)

    Ryan @ Thismustbetheplaceryan

  7. Anonymous20.11.11

    I have got to get back to Brixton for a visit I lived off cold harbour lane about 20 years ago and good grief it looks like its changed! love the idea of a market rummage and some great food thanks for the inspiration.
    Jane x

  8. i love your old english pubs too! thanks for giving this remote ranch girl a peek.

  9. Oo Brixton looks cool. I've not spent much time in the area but I'm quite likely moving to Camberwell early next year so will have to have a gander...

  10. Where was that market and when's it on? Next time I'm in Brixton I'd like to pop by.