Wakehurst Place and Standen House

20 October 2011

During our first short camping trip in our camper van, we went to two lovely places. First was Wakehurst Place which is right next door to where Ardingly Antiques Fair is held. We had been past it many times but never had the time to go in. It is a sister of Kew Gardens, and they have their Millennium Seed Bank here. The grounds are open free to National Trust members.

after a spot of lunch we had a quick snoop around before heading off to the campsite. They have the most beautiful huge tree, the type that you really want to hug.

...and some funny looking ones.

The house was closed to the public because of a private function, but we weren't to bothered as it was such a lovely day.

these fluffy things remind me of 1970s front gardens, but here they looked spectacular.

 I pretended to be David Bellamy in the Japanese Maple tree.

a Pheasant came to say hello...

Xmas baubles?

after a good nights kip in our camper, we went off to visit a house called Standen which is the home of a friend of William Morris {actually he is the architect that designed Morris' own house, but I forgot his name}.

Its really tucked away down many a wobbly lane.

Amazing flowers about, considering it is the middle of October.

The house still has some of the original William Morris wall paper.

Inside was pretty nice too, but me and Nao were suffering from nocakeyitis and headed off to the cafe {again}

I loved this 'over the top' picnic hamper, can you imagine eating fine pate and quails eggs and a glass of chilled champagne from this oh yes?

 {this bit is just the farm house/barn}

p.s. a few of you's have asked us what happens to our cat Plimsoll when we go away. Well, if we go away for longer than one night, we hire a cat sitter. Luckily Plimsoll is a very independent cat and has a huge meadow to keep her entertained, so I don't think she notices if we are there or not. We have tried to take her away with us, but she doesn't like not being in control and get scared and does a poo in the car. Her poos are very stinky so we gave up on that idea. We might take her in the van though, if we bribe her with Sheba Tuna flakes.

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