Heaven Farm & Sheffield Park

24 October 2011

I love chickens.

...and cows.

and ducks!

So when we disappointingly pulled into 'Heaven Farm' in West Sussex, and found that only one field was open this time of the year {as the cows had taken over} I didn't mind too much because this campsite has squillions of creatures running about.
Check out this pair of ducks catching 40 winks under someones caravan.

It was a lovely spot though {but we could hear the cars on the nearby road, bit of a shame}, its a beautiful old red brick farm complete with pig sty, oast house and all. The owners even have budgies and Love birds {i think that what they are?} they were the cutest things I have ever seen.

great views over the rolling Sussex countryside, dramatic as always.

Before we set up camp we did pop into Lewes {the town, not our camper!} and browsed a few junk shops there. We found some nice enamel bowls, two the same, which is handy as they slot into each other thus saving space. Also some very nice tea towels {I have an obsession with tea towels, I will be know as 'that old lady that has a million tea towels' one day}.

and a cushion...

Nobody bought this German jug from Bucket Tree, so I decided to keep it myself. Perfect for transporting coriander.

and a Japanese Tatami mat for our tea cups.

a selection of condiments {'wild' camping this is not}

as the sun began to set I got on with my first ever campervan cooking experience.
It was actually good fun for some reason. Nao took soom lovely photos that evening.

a bit of pasta {I am no culinary expert you see}
Logs were too big for our stove, doh!

Next day we went to Sheffield Park, not in Sheffield, just 5 mins from campsite actually.

we were told on arrival that the Autumn colours were not that good this year, but I beg to differ!

It was 18 degrees with blue sky, we lazed by the lake under a maple tree, and I made a wicker summer house for a small invertebrate out of pine needles...

...and Nao made a canoe out of a bamboo leaf.
If you ever feel the need for some tree hungin' then this is the place to go.
{its National Trust by the way}

I don't think Nao has taken that scarf off since I made it! {he did wash it once}

there is also a little old garden nursery next to the park which has its own vineyard.

I am crossing fingers that we get more of this mild weather, before the cold shudder of winter sets in.
By the way, when we go to these National Trust places, I'm always amazed that it seems to be about 99% old people visiting. Come on you youngens, get out there!

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