Lewes' make-over part 3

8 October 2011

Now here is a very boring post for you! another step on the long journey to renovate our campervan, I had to cover these new interior panels. we bought new ones as the old ones were like this...

I used this upholstery foam {from ebay} and some lovely thick Swedish linen from the Cloth Shop, Nottinghill.

My idea was to use the staple gun to fasten the fabric, but they came through the other side and also crumpled up.
I thought about using glue, but as I had to pull the fabric very tightly, it wouldn't dry in time. So temporarily I used some gaffer tape, but im hoping to find some very tiny tacks to fasten it properly.

there are five panels to cover, all different shapes. This one is for the rear door {tailgate}.
The fold lines you can see came out with a quick steam iron.

I love the texture of the linen and slightly spongy feel of the foam, hopeful we will be all snug in the van this Autumn!
Nao has been busy applying insulation to the walls before these can go on, lots of work still left to do this weekend.

I removed the post from yesterday about the last day of our camping trip and watching the sunset upon the cliffs at Seven Sisters. Unfortunately I made a comment about how easy it is to fall off whilst taking a photo, but very stupidly said it in a jokey way and it deeply offended someone. I sometimes forget how powerful the internet is and so many people are reading it and I will definitely be more careful in future. I wrote a lengthy apology and explanation, but a few hours later I decided to delete whole post, as it had now taken on a rather dark tone which was the opposite of what I had intended! So sorry if i ever offend anyone at any time with my clumsy language, please say, and I will remove it straight away! 
I do wish everyone to visit the beautiful cliffs of Seven Sisters, they are spectacular, peaceful and gentle, especially at sunset. {but please do be careful up there!}.
Have a lovely weekend everyone x

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