8 October 2011

Lewes' make-over part 3

Now here is a very boring post for you! another step on the long journey to renovate our campervan, I had to cover these new interior panels. we bought new ones as the old ones were like this...

I used this upholstery foam {from ebay} and some lovely thick Swedish linen from the Cloth Shop, Nottinghill.

My idea was to use the staple gun to fasten the fabric, but they came through the other side and also crumpled up.
I thought about using glue, but as I had to pull the fabric very tightly, it wouldn't dry in time. So temporarily I used some gaffer tape, but im hoping to find some very tiny tacks to fasten it properly.

there are five panels to cover, all different shapes. This one is for the rear door {tailgate}.
The fold lines you can see came out with a quick steam iron.

I love the texture of the linen and slightly spongy feel of the foam, hopeful we will be all snug in the van this Autumn!
Nao has been busy applying insulation to the walls before these can go on, lots of work still left to do this weekend.

I removed the post from yesterday about the last day of our camping trip and watching the sunset upon the cliffs at Seven Sisters. Unfortunately I made a comment about how easy it is to fall off whilst taking a photo, but very stupidly said it in a jokey way and it deeply offended someone. I sometimes forget how powerful the internet is and so many people are reading it and I will definitely be more careful in future. I wrote a lengthy apology and explanation, but a few hours later I decided to delete whole post, as it had now taken on a rather dark tone which was the opposite of what I had intended! So sorry if i ever offend anyone at any time with my clumsy language, please say, and I will remove it straight away! 
I do wish everyone to visit the beautiful cliffs of Seven Sisters, they are spectacular, peaceful and gentle, especially at sunset. {but please do be careful up there!}.
Have a lovely weekend everyone x


  1. Hi! I discovered your blog recently and it's been almost a daily read since. I am not really brave with commenting I usually just enjoy reading and picture, but I have to say sth today. I really admire your love and the way you two work on the wan. I can't help imagining how much you'll enjoy it once it's done, you are really inspiring. I hope my bf and I will soon find a special project to work on, too. Have a nice day :)

  2. I never commented on here before but that's really only because after finding it I basically read through every post on you blog. This must seem rather strange but I was taken with your very fresh way of blogging that is, I suppose, less glitzy, maybe less "refined". i don't intend this to be in any way offensive. i simply mean that your writing and your pictures seem more natural than other bloggers'- I like your humour and your style. And Lewis will quite probably turn out to be the most beautiful van. (:

  3. I really enjoy your blog, and I think it's very clear that you don't intend to hurt people or make intentional hurtful comments in your posts. I suppose we all have to be careful of the jokes we make, not only in the online world. I think most of your readers are aware that you wouldn't intentionally be insensitive and malicious. You inspire many people with your extremely creative life, and I hope that people whom take things the wrong way don't put you off blogging. I find your blog to be a very creative, positive, happy place and I often peek in for inspiration.
    Have a lovely weekend. x Becka

  4. i don't usually comment either, just stop and read and admire. i would like to say though that i just love your blog, it's perfect and 'real'. thank you so much for sharing these bits of your life. i look forward to reading more about your van and the restorations you and nao are making. :)


  5. I just want to say, how much I enjoy reading your blog. You have the ability to inject a real 'feel good factor' without in any way being twee or trite. I love your creativity and your photos. I'm sure you didn't mean to offend anyone. I read your posts and always feel uplifted and lighter somehow! Happy camping and campervaning (I'm not sure if that's a word!)

  6. Dear Artemis!

    I just re-read the last post (it was still in my Google reader) - I pined over every choice of word you made and could truthfully find nothing offensive about it. At all. You did not make light of death at all, or suicide. You were very neutral and matter-of-fact.
    Just wanted to tell you this so you don't agonize over it more than necessary. Some people will take offense at just about anything. Next time, just say you apologize they feel that way because of something you wrote, but don't delete such a beautiful post!


  7. ditto the comment above by becka, i thoroughly enjoyed these posts this week & was looking forward to a good read of them this weekend. it is absolutely clear that you would never say anything hurtful intentionally. hope you feel ok, that episode would have made me feel very crap!

  8. I've been reading your blog for several months now. It's always a highlight when Google Reader alerts me to a new post. I'm only commenting now because it was quite clear you meant no malice in your post and were just being funny. It's a shame so many people seem intent on reading the worst into everything and then taking unnecessary offense. Thanks for being a bright spot over here in Houston, Texas. I can't wait to see where Lewes ends up taking you.

  9. I can't wait to see Lewes finished...I can imagine you guys!
    I read your post on my reader, I thought you were\ very honest and speak your mind, which apparently in this society is something very rare and for such reason not understandable and appreciated. My mum died of cancer but I don't feel offended is someone talk about it and say what he/she thinks about it.

  10. I loved your summer photos and didn't think you treated the matter lightly. I agree with Becka--I wish you hadn't felt the need to delete the post entirely because the photos and your words were so lovely. (I say this knowing that it's entirely your right to do so, just wanted to let you know that for every offended person, there's a slew of readers who are grateful to live vicariously though you!)

  11. Please, Artemis! Just keep being yourself! We love you and your blog! Some people are silly. Don't ever apologize for being yourself.

  12. Speaking from the perspective of someone who`s mother took her own life. I didnt find your blog insensitive at all. Lets look at life in a positive light, some people find that hard to do for one reason or another ? I think that you were looking at that spot in a positive way. I feel your blog is showing us your enjoyment of your life together.

  13. Hello, I read your blog almost every day, or at least as often as you post! I have never felt the need to comment, but felt that I needed to after reading the last post on why you have deleted the 'fourth part' of 'another summer'. Personally I found nothing offensive about it, and don't feel you should have to justify yourself. As you say the internet is a powerful thing, but it is also open in the way we express ourselves and can choose what we read. If people don't like it they don't have to carry on reading, and can go elsewhere!

  14. Anonymous8.10.11

    Just wanted to show some support and say that your blog is one of the first ones i turn to hoping that you've posted something new, sharing your lovely take on life and your beautiful photos. i read your sunset piece and frankly couldn't find anything offensive what so ever stating an unfortunate fact of life is no way making light of a terrible situation that a very small and very upsetting minority of people may find themselves in. I have no idea what your detractor wrote or what the motivation for their anger was but for what my observation is worth it was thoroughly unwarranted.
    Jane x

  15. Agree, agree, agree... with all the lovely comments above (all true, all sincere) Your blog is (and no I'm not just saying this) my FAVOURITE. Please, please do not agonise over anyone who CHOSE to take offense. You don't know them and your comments were made with good intentions. You only have to look at your blog to know that's what you are all about. I can understand that if someone is mourning a loss they may be rather sensitive but truthfully if we could not joke (or share an opinion) in OUR blogs then well... they wouldn't be ours now would they. And to be honest - what you said is TRUE is it not???Wowsers - this has brought out the tigress in me! Artemis your blog has inspired me to blog and I think you ought to be able to blog in whatever way you wish. Thank you for all your positive, sincere and creative energy... :-)

  16. Hi, I've been a silent fan of your blog as I don't usually comment. I think you have an amazing blog and extremely talented. Please keep them coming!

  17. You are obviously a very sensitive and kind person. I didn't read the post that you deleted but I'm pretty sure it was not offensive. But as you said, the internet is a big place and it's easy to offend SOMEBODY. I love your blog, too and lurk here often.

  18. Linda9.10.11

    Agree with all the above, please don't beat yourself up over it.

    Am following your 'doing up of Lewes' posts avidly. We got our 'pre-loved' Renault Trafic (Rita)! yesterday so am now planning new covers/curtains and refurbishments. The fabrics you have chosen are lovely, so elegant.

  19. Please do not worry for one more minute, I can't believe that anyone would think you meant that offensively. It made me panic for a second about things I might say on my blog but then I'd be terrified to write anything! I don't think that you know how much joy your blog brings to so many people, please do not become self conscious about your beautiful, heart felt and funny writing-this blog is about YOUR outlook on life.
    My heart goes out to the person who was offended, I mean no disrespect to them at all, but I hope that they realise what a lovely person you are. We are very honoured to share the little snap shots of your life that you share with us.
    Best wishes, Mrs.Bertimus x

  20. hahaha, i love it!! If it doesn't work with gaffer... you haven't used enough. Keep it!

  21. Anonymous9.10.11

    I read your last camping post before it was removed and I didn't find it offensive in the slightest! I think it is such a shame not to have the conclusion of your trip - the photos were amazing and I couldn't wait to show my husband! I enjoy reading your blog so so much and find all of your trips and projects so interesting. Keep it up!

  22. Oh! I was so looking forward to reading more about your weekend in my neck of the woods! Please post it again, you can leave out 'that bit', I just love seeing your beautiful photos.
    A little tip re the panels - try using 6mm upholstery tacks with a magnetic tack hammer - they should be small enough not to come through to the right side.

  23. Kerry9.10.11


    I'm a relatively new reader to your blog and I too love it.

    I had to read the last post twice (via Google Reader) as I was so surprised you felt the need to delete it - I couldn't see that you were flippant in any way; what you said about peeking over the edge I could so believe!

    It's such a shame that you have deleted this post as the pictures were absolutely gorgeous - the last one in particular quite stunning, and a lovely reminder of that crazy early October heatwave we all enjoyed :)

    Please don't feel the need to censor yourself .... you will never please all the people all the time; as long as you're happy with what you post then other people can choose to either enjoy it or go elsewhere.

    Happy Camping ;)


  24. I did not read your now-deleted post, but I have three comments:

    First, based on the tone of the rest of your posts, I hardly believe that your comment had any malicious intent. Second, no matter what you say, you will always offend someone online. Seriously, talk about a wonderful day you had and someone will twist it around because they had a bad day, and somehow you're suddenly the bad guy. Third, this is your blog, and your voice. Many people (bloggers and readers alike) forget this, and try to manipulate the internet to their liking. Readers need to respect you, and you need to respect yourself. Now, if you are being true to yourself by feeling sincerely sorry and removing the post, then I cannot argue that response.

    All that being said, my last comment is sort of ironic since I'm telling you not to listen to other people by listening to me ;)

  25. really looking forward to seeing Lewes all done up as we have a vintage caravan we'll be doing up when we have the money.

  26. Helena10.10.11

    Hey there! I have to say that I love, love, love your blog. I did not get a hurtful or offensive statement. Anyone, who reads it would understand your humor and good nature. I have found that there are those who are overly critical of what is written. It seems to happen to many bloggers. Please continue to be your fun self. Since you are in business it was wise to accommodate a negative response. I can't tell you how many times I have fallen off curbs and walked into stationary objects while taking photos. It does hurt but it is goofy funny at the same time. So, falling is not unlikely.
    Take care and know there are many who love your blog the way it is. Good and fun. Take care and do not let this get you down. It seems no matter what is said there are some who are negative about it. Personally, I love the short trip entries. It is sooo hot here in Texas. It is pleasant to see the lovely cool water. I agree with others that the manner in which you blog, it has a welcoming feel to it. Not tooo slick...or over produced. Keep up the good work.
    xoxo, Helena

  27. Thank you all for your comments and wise words!

    Of course Junkaholique will resume as per usual, but i will take a little more care in the future!

    A million thanks to everyone who reads my blog, its really bonkers when i think about where you all live around the world, and keeping up with what me and Nao get up to, in little Old Blighty XXXXXXXX

  28. I just put a couple of photos of yours on my blog (mentioning how much I love yours of course) I hope thats ok. Thanks for the eternal inspiration. Remeber also, some people will complain about anything. Your posts are beautiful and heartfelt.x

  29. Valerie in France11.10.11

    Sorry to hear someone felt offended, but you and Nao seem (I say seem only because I don't know you) to me like the last people who would intend to hurt anybody.
    i love your style, your humor & sincerity in your writings. I hope all this doesn't mean you feel you would need to censure yourself even a tiny bit, in the future -- because there are already so many too well polished blogs out there in the blogland !
    It was extra kind of you to apologize and even more to remove the post, but come on, even if you have a business to run, it is your OWN space where you can write & post freely ! be yourself, we love you just the way you are.

  30. Valerie in France11.10.11

    ps : and because i was a little upset about this story of cliffs, i forgot to say how great the linen looks ! i'm sure this little camping van is going to look fa-bu-lous !

  31. Gorgeousophie11.10.11

    So so soooooooo grumpy we have been deprived of the last episode of your holiday - Yeah do not care if it sounds funny (& from all the other wonderful comments, it definitely is not) but Artemis (oh & I so adore your name!), it is indeed so delightful that I was muchly looking forward to it! Any chance you may repost pretty please with little flying Naos on top?! Alternatively, if I roll myself on the floor screaming, will you - it used to work wonders when i was 3!? And you are so very kind & considerate as all I feel like saying to whoever utterly spoilt my pleasure (selfish moi?!) that they can go & &^%$£"$&*(!& it is your blog & you'll say what you want to *sings on the tune of 'it's my party'* it is not like you were inciting looting, racism or hatred for goodness's sake!

  32. Love the ingenious use of gaffer (or duct tape as we call it stateside)! Once the panels go up in the van you'll never know. . . and it sticks for years. Would love to see your photos of Seven Sisters (I missed the post), but know there will be many more adventures to look forward to.

  33. Ha ha! Yes the Gaffer tape was hilarious! But the next day it all peeled off! The board is really weird stuff and nothing sticks to it, and its only 3mm thick so I cant nail it. Anyway, I managed to find some glue on the second attempt and used clothes pegs to hold it in place while it dried.

    Really a whole lot of hard work, should have just bought some ready made, doh!