another summer {part 3}

5 October 2011

we spent the next two days of our three day miracle autumn weather camping holiday epic, at the base of the cliffs, named the Seven Sisters {because there are seven tall chalk cliffs next to each other} this part is called Birling Gap. It was stunning, the light bounced off the white cliffs onto the beach and onto the sea, it was extreme light therapy.

because the chalk is so soft, it washes into the sea and turns the water all milky! it made the sea look very inviting and we imagined we were somewhere in the Caribbean, not south coast of Ol'Blighty in October!

I went for many a swim and felt like Cleopatra.

the beach gets really busy, but we were down the 'nudies' end {that sounds very wrong as I'm typing it} and there were indeed lots of nudies everywhere. It was hard to know where to look.

the tide kindly came up to the cliff at Cream Tea O'clock, and there happed to be a cafe above the beach. It would be rude not to...

then we went back for more lazing as the tide began to recede...

and I loved watching this man and his amazing swimming dog, that dog would have swam to France had his owner been able to throw a stone that far.

this has to be in my top 5 beaches in Britain so far!

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