another summer {part 2}

5 October 2011


so we ended up at lovely corner of Sussex,...Dernwood Farm. After the shocking £36 fee {and they tried to sell us wood for another £10! so we bought some at the petrol station instead for £2.50}, we then found we had to take all our stuff by cart through the woods to the campsite, ah how quaint! Well, after a few minutes the novelty wore-off pretty quick. Especially when you forget a gas cylinder at 7am and have to go the 20 minute walk back to the car in your jammies, not exactly relaxing! ANYway, it was a nice big field and quite empty when we arrived.

This campsite is called 'wild' camping, meaning they don't have much in the way of facilities {which is fine for us}...but you still pay the same as if it did, hmmm. I though wild camping meant you only take a piece of waterproof cloth and a pen knife, but everyone there had foldout picnic tables etc... Oh well...we made the best of it, and the weather was so good, we soon forgot about all the heaving!

the toilet was at the other end of the field, but when you can't hold it in anymore, a misty damp stroll awaits you...

after washing my hair in a bucket {which was lovely!} we made our way off to a different beach.
the woods n the way were stunning...

I always take my trusty woolly cardi where ever I go, even though BBC said it would be 30 degrees, I tend not to believe them {I wonder why?}

After this holidays camping experience, we are tempted to compile our own 'top 10 campsites of Britain' as there are much better ones out there, my own personal opinion of course!

part 3 of this epic tale of freak British weather continues shortly...

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