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6 September 2011

Hello Peeps! Horray, I am still alive...and what better way than to get better, than to go camping I say.
Nao and I had enough of feeling miserable with me moaning and rolling about on the bed like a beached whale, so on hearing the news that there was going to be a few more sunny days to squeeze out of the summer, we drove to Kent for a little break.

first stop was as Botany Bay, near Broadstairs {yes all places in Kent seem to have funny names that are like words}. Not feeling too chipper, I just managed a little swim and a rest on the beach, the sun on my skin made me feel much better. The beach was amazing, surrounded by unusual chalk cliffs. I found some more of these Cuttle-fish eggs? and we had lunch and then back again for cake at Alison's Tea gardens which is in her front garden, next to the beach.

We found a last minute campsite, quite near to Canterbury, which was set in an orchard. Opposite us was a HUGE Winnebago Brave, we spent both nights, asking questions to ourselves about how you would drive such a thing, and how big is inside, and how much does it cost to park it...etc etc....needless to say, its not our cup of tea, but it was rather impressive {and very American!}.

I finally collected these old wind breakers {is that really what they are called??} from my mums shed where they were in storage. I bought them from Angel market a few years ago believe it or not.

we had lots of wine and fruit and Nao made some sandwiches...

Next day we drove to Sandwich {yes, as in the Earl of Sandwich who invented the Sandwich!} which is a beautiful little old town, and nearby Sandwich Bay...

we bought delicious French goodies for lunch from the Deli in the town, and a nice bottle of white wine {remember I am recovering, so I deserve it}


T'was loviliy. We stopped in the Sandwich town on the way back and had a walk about the river and had a tea etc...

and we did the very same thing in Canterbury...

and then looked forward to returning to our little camp for Nao's delicious bbq of sweetcorn, shitake mushrooms {all covered with a butter and soy sauce mixture} its sooo good.

we finished off our French deli delights too and then feel asleep in front of the fire...aahhhh....

last day, we went to Whitstable. Gosh and Blimey, this is a nice place. We happed across a few junk shops and a small jumble sale where old grannies were selling prize junk finds for like 20p, perfect.

the sea front is lined with these gorgeous little wooden houses, if you peek inside the windows, you can see fresh white beds almost on the beach! I guess these are holiday chalets, blimey.

of course Whistable is famous for its Oysters, which look like snot but apparently taste like heaven. I'll just take their word for it.

even little kids eat them, I cant look!

Nao did have a plate of some rare Whistable species, and he said they were the best he'd ever tasted .

So then we drove back home. Next day we went to Notting Hill to the Cloth Shop to buy some fabric for our camper van interior...but more to come on that later!

I still feel pretty wobbly and a bit dazed & confused, but the break really did me the world of good. Also coming back to London and reading all your lovely comments for my last {rather wingey} post, has made me really appreciate what good friends I have out there, I certainly am a very lucky Laydee.

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