15 September 2011

a pressie for moi!

a beautiful parcel from a very thoughtful friend...

a little blue apron, wooden pegs, wine bottle stopper, tiny heart soap...for our camper van!
{Tried to model it unsuccessfully, it was very late by the time i got home and found the parcel hence i'm wearing pygama bottoms!}

I love the tape, and the stamp too...

aaahhh...simply lovely.


  1. These Dutch people are the best!

    Natacha (blogging from Luxembourg, but born and raised in the Netherlands)

  2. ooh, what a cute parcel. That should make you feel a little bit perky after your recent ill spell. You've got a really good pal there.

  3. Aww you're very lucky to have such thoughtful friends who send you beautiful packages! :)

  4. How lovely - i love surprise parcels in the post x

  5. Such cute tape, and what a thoughtful gift!

    By the way, I'm the reader who scared you witless last Thursday at Spitalfields' market -- I felt like such a loon saying hi to you and Nao out of the blue like that, but I thought if I didn't talk to one of my favourite bloggers, I'd regret it. Glad I did, but I felt a bit like a crazed fan leaping out at a celebrity as they go about their business!

  6. That is so lovely and thoughtful - love the little apron.

  7. Anonymous16.9.11

    What a sweet friend you have there.
    Btw saw your lovely photos on so much to tell you you really do have a great eye for composition.

  8. Oh I love unexpected parcels - this one was just great:) Have a great weekend,A xx

  9. Lovely photos!
    Your blog is fantastic!

    Have a great weekend,
    BESOS de
    PoeMa Bat SoiLiK

  10. Anonymous17.9.11

    hmmmmm I am thinking that you guys might be expecting??? X Chrissy

  11. I am wondering if this is from the vicarage? Such a lovely parcel.

  12. Petites Folies,
    Correct! My absolute favourite blog! ...and I get a pressie too ;)

  13. Chrissy, you are wrong, and please be carefull what you say on blogs as family & friends read too. If we do plan on having children I will say so on my blog I promise.

    thanks XXX