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31 August 2011


Hello lovely readers out there! there is a definite whiff of autumn in the air today, that's why I dug out these summery pics from Syon Park, London. I saw a conker on the ground this afternoon when I went for a little stroll in the meadow, I cant believe the year has passed so quickly.

I should report that I am a tad unwell of late {nothing too serious!}, so not much happening blog wise, and maybe not for a few more weeks...but I will see how things pan out and get back to my ol'self again.

Nao is doing some work on the campervan, he took out all the insides of the van as we found a family of earwigs and spiders behind the cupboards, and when doing so, found two bad looking rusty holes!
So he is busy treating all the surface rust on the floor and deciding what to do next. Generally though, its in quite good nick and the holes are only pea sized.

We need to buy lots of materials for doing up the interior, hopefully it will be all cosy, and I am going to make curtains and seat covers...when I feel better that is ; )

Anyways, thank you all for your lovely comments, I am always taken-a-back by the generosity of strangers who say nice things to me. As I have been in bed for quite a few days now, I have been reading back a lot of my blog, (laughing at my creative spelling!) and re-reading all the comments, and realising how lovely you all are!
So I will see you all when I am vertical again X

p.s. I have suspended sales from The Bucket Tree & Rust Jewellery shop for the next week or so {Rust Wedding rings are available as usual} all sales up till today will of course be dispatched as usual.

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