27 August 2011


So, here is our new home! This is 'Lewes' {we named it after the town near where we bought it} the 1978 VW Devon Camper.
It is THE biggest ever purchase for us, so a bit nerve-racking, but its so lovely to be in!
I know its not a very intelligent vehicle purchase, a modern one would be much more economical and reliable, but can you imagine us in a modern camper-van? I can't! I think the heart rules the head, hands down.
I took these pics just quickly when we stopped in a car park on the way back to london, so apologies they are not great. I was going to take some better ones today but was feeling a bit peaky so stayed in bed instead!
Inside is all original with the cooker/sink etc... but we are thinking to take them out carefully storing them, and giving it a bit of make-over inside. basically we love the original bits but we but we also want to make it a bit more 'us' without doing anything permanent. I have to learn how to do an oil change and basic maintenance which should be amusing - like Charlene out of Neighbours! {However I may be on the phone to my mechanic brothers every five minutes}.

Anyways, sorry the blog posts are still a bit erratic, but be prepared for MANY more posts about our van to come (sorry!).

By-the-way, this van is born in the same year as me, but it looks much better!

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