8 August 2011

Bucket Tree update

I have just completed a mahoosive update of the Bucket Tree! I think it may be the biggest EVER. Blimey, I think I collected a lot of stuff lately, but they are all gems i have to say. There are lots of clothes and three Edwardian cotton blouses that are beautiful, and easy to wear with modern clothes.

a couple of straw hats, very hard to part with as I have a bit of an obsession with straw hats!

more leather bags as usual, including two school satchels...

and two Welsh tapestry purses to go in them!

I love finding vintage Liberty print clothes that people have made themselves, this one is from the 50s...

and this dress is pretty special, also from the 50s...

this satin jacket is from the glamorous 30s, it would look stunning over the top of a wedding dress this autumn...

and there is a few bits and bobs for you house too...

these are just a small example, please click here to see all the new items!


  1. I love that sweet little cropped cotton blouse so much. Too bad I'm on a spending hiatus. Your style is impeccable!!

    msred5 at gmail dot com

  2. You look so beautiful in the white dress with your tanned skin!


    Natacha (blogging from Luxembourg)

  3. I really want that liberty print blouse, it's absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately I'm about to go on holiday and I'm too poor :( I hope it goes to a good home where it will be loved as much as I would love it! You always find the best treasures, Artemis...

    Cat xxx

  4. Great finds! Love pretty much everything. I've really enjoyed following along on all of your adventures of late too.


  5. These are gorgeous finds, I am thinking of you as I search for the perfect 20's outfit for my 40th, any information or inspiring sites you could pass on would be great.

  6. What on earth are you selling that 5o's dress for? It fits you perfectly and looks gorgeous on you. You MUST keep it.

  7. Yes, I have just spent way too long browsing your blog (instead of getting work done), and I just wanted to thank you for all the inspiration! Thank you, I really enjoy reading your blog!

  8. great style. i got award to you in my blog :)

  9. I love that white dress it's a beauty:)

  10. Artemis, your blog is a true oasis of no-nonsense and inspiration! You've cheered me up and made me want to start thrifting again... which I haven't done for months now. Thank you!

  11. Your finds (as usual!) are beautiful. My daughter emailed me to tell me she has been checking out your blog and just loves it..thinks you are very cute and loves your sense of humour!
    We are certainly Artemis and Nao fans over here!:)
    P.s You look like you belong on an Australian beach with your tan and blonde hair!

  12. I just recently found your blog and feel like I've gone on a whirlwind of adventures reading through all your posts! I love the camping ones...my camping trips have never looked so romantic. :)

    I look forward to seeing more of you and Nao ~

  13. Artemis, I am in love with your blog and your beautiful photos! My husbands and I have a shed too, which is nicer then our actual house :)

  14. gorgeous things! i think i have had the Liberty print blouse in the past... lizzie

  15. Simply stunning! I love your clothes so much, just wish I could fit in them !!
    Carol x