this little pig went to market...

20 July 2011

we went to an antiques fair in Sussex this week. Nao and I met up with my mum there, as she travelled up from the Isle of Wight to find some bits for her flat. Nao was on the hunt for leather goods and men's clothes, and for me, women's clothes, bags and anything with a mutated, one-eyed, dragged in a puddle, straw-filled face that happened to pass my eye. Yes my animal hospital is growing everyday!

by the way, these photos are from Nao's phone, because good ol' pea brain forgot to bring the memory card in her camera, what a doughnut.

I think there must have been a few stitches lose in the seams of my pockets because money just kept falling out of them. Disaster!
and my deep and unrequited passion to own a tricycle has not yet been achieved.

I was allowed to test drive this time, but no money was parted with : (
But we did buy a few larger items, I couldn't resist that chair, and we seem to be collecting small wooden cupboards for some reason?...

If i had room in my shed, I defo would have bought these...

and after all this exhausting hard work, it was time for light refreashments...

so, now I have a HUGE stock of lovely treasures awaiting the Bucket Tree! Including the boater hat I'm wearing {i didn't want to squash it in my bag, so wore it instead. It stayed on the whole time!}.

Back to reality, its pouring with rain again, and we have the quarterly accounts to look forward to.
whoopie doo. If only everyday was market day eh!

*P.S I have just listed a few items on sale over at Bucket Tree.

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