2 July 2011


We are both ADDICTED to finding vintage clothes these days, I LOVE finding something, washing it up and drying on the line. Mending little bits here and there, examining how it's been made, admiring someone's needle work from 100 years ago. This is how I like to spend a weekend.

one of my recent finds is this 1930s dressing gown...

I will keep it the rest of my life, its so beautiful. the fabric is amazing, nothing like what we have now. I also love the way the sewing is not that great, someone must have followed a pattern at home, but it adds to its charm I think. It has little Art Deco touches, like the 'v' shape cuff hems and the pointed pocket. 

Nao, loves to find old leather bags, he spends ages waxing and oiling and re-stitching them. I can see him smiling to himself through my shed window. He showed me some of his faves...

his most favourite is this totally manky bag, that I don't even want to touch for fear of catching something. It probably stored a hundred years worth of trout or eels in there.

he loves these 1930s men's shoes too...

the length is ok but the width is a little restricting. I think the middle three toes could fit in?

meanwhile, after meeting at the garden table for tea and some very nice chocolate and marshmallow Polish biscuits {a new discovery}, we went back to our sheds...

I did a lot more admiring than actual sewing.
Anyhow, our curry should be arriving soon! Happy weekend x


  1. I love finding vintage clothing too. It's so interesting to think of the people who wore those things before they came into your hands, what they were thinking and what they were going through. It's like a little piece of unspoken history.

    from black currant thoughts.

  2. I love your little handmade life
    that you and Nao, have carved out
    for yourselves. "The life and times of Nao and I"...the bits and pieces
    you share with us online...is priceless.
    happy times, kelly

  3. Such beautiful finds,I love vintage clothing too.You have the perfect sheds,Nao and You and a life that seems dreamy to me.
    Kaisa from Finland

  4. You both have a great eye of finding these beauties! The dressing gown is divine!

  5. visiting your blog makes me so inspired to be creative. i love it, you've created a very individual niche in the blog world & i look forward to every post :-)

  6. I used to search out vintage clothes in the late 1970's when I was a teenager/student and had a dressing gown just like that; it eventually fell apart but I remember how glamorous I felt in it.
    My usual outfit was an Edwardian chemise over my jeans with a long silk scarf - and an old suede jacket that my friends called 'the mould'!
    ps If it doesn't sound too weird, Nao has very nice feet! I usually absolutely loathe men's feet, which are often so nasty...

  7. Love the dressing gown! Things from that era are just so much more glamorous! My wedding dress is 1930s, it is stunning.

  8. My favourite occupation - finding gorgeous vintage lovelies. Yours are gorgeous. And that bag - wow. x

  9. Your finds are amazing and your posts adorable. Seems like you had the best Saturday.

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  11. The findings you've made are all so beautiful! I'm also a big fan of finding vintage treasures here and there. Last year i found a really nice old brown briefcase in a lovely vintage shop called The Vintage Emporium in London. i cleaned it up and polished it and now it's all shiny and pretty! : )

  12. Such beautiful finds, which markets do you go to? Its sounds like the perfect weekend.

  13. A beautiful post as usual. Love the dressing gown - I too would be loath to part with that gem! M x

  14. I love your sheds! They look so much fun to be in :)

  15. Does Nao have his blog or something else, where he could show us how those bags look after he transforms them? Does he sell them anywhere? It's so awesome what he does!
    You too! :)
    The dresses are PERFECTO! And i can never get enough of the pictures of your shed!! :)

  16. Beautiful clothes, but I just have to say that Nao certainly has beautiful feet! I'm not "into" feet at all, but couldn't help noticing those ;-)

  17. Is it wrong to say that I am green with envy?
    Greetings from Spain.

  18. Glad it's not just me that noticed Nao's feet ;-)

  19. I just stumbled across your blog - very neat. I love vintage too! Saving your site in my favorites for sure! Great pictures on the beach too!