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21 July 2011

Nao rolls his eyeballs at me when i pick up this kind of animal junk, but even though it looks like it came out of a toilet bowl, I feel the need to rescue it. Here are few pics of some of our latest junk...

Plimsoll give us a look like 'not more bloody junk, so where are you going to put that, in my basket?'
these handkerchief's are for a project.

these are some of Nao's gatherings...

he is planning to open up a new division of RUST Tokyo, selling mostly Gentleman's attire and leather goods, that go with our Men's jewellery over there. They will all be freighted over to Japan and sold online in Yen, so don't get too excited unless you don't mind translating Japanese! I'll keep yous posted about it.

On another note, thought I show you this paint em'up job I did a while back. We picked this trunk up from Junk lady ages ago, and although I kind of like to leave things as they are generally speaking, the dusty poo brown colour of this never did much for me. So I painted it...

i sanded and waxed the wood and polished the leather bits too.

and now have space enough to buy MORE junk, what a shame.

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