bonkers yesterday...

23 July 2011

...we popped over to a junk shop/reclamation yard near Lewisham. Its totally bonkers, and a little bit disturbing.

squillions of chairs, but even if you did find one you wanted, you'd never be able to get it out of there.

hundreds of fireplaces ripped out of Victorian homes and substituted with a fake ones from B&Q .There should be a law against that I reckon. ...And Corinthian columns, 'cause you never know when you might need one of those.

a city made out of 1930s plywood furniture.

we came away empty handed, but just glad to have left in one piece! 
Next we decided to drive over to Brixton Arcade quickly {and maybe get a cuppa + cake}

we visited one of my most favourite shops 'Leftovers'. It is run by a lovely young lady who has a great eye for things and amazing display of her antique clothing. i bought my second pair of handknitted slipper. I wonder who is making them? Nao bought a jacket and a neckerchief.

amazed by her antique crocheted buntings...

my socks/slippers...

we succumbed to the power of cake...

on the way out of the arcade, we spotted hilarious minuscule bananas, we bought the whole bunch.

that evening I decided to start work on cleaning some of my finds from the antiques fair we went to last week.
Not a very helpful photo, but this is the puppet I found. It has the name Esther Nunn written inside, so Esther, if you are reading this, let me know where you are and I'll post it over to you. Otherwise it will be residing with us.

it was SO manky even the stall holder was surprised I wanted it. It looked like covered with poo and grime, and you couldn't really tell what colour it was.

So he spend the evening in the Peckhamshire Health Spa {aka our sink}

The water turned black, but I didn't want to mention it to the patient.

afterwards, he was taken through to the recuperating table, and his mates came to wish him well...

after a brush and blow dry, he is nearly back to his ol'self again, 

...and smelling faintly of Woolite.

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