Beach mooch

18 July 2011

after a hard day at work, a trip to the beach* is required...

after a quick drink at the pub, we hopped off the bus and got our feet on the crispy sand of our local beach.

I can confirm that no dead bodies or diamond rings were found.

much to my disappointment. I was looking forward to being asked questions by a real life forensic pathologist. Oh well, next time maybe.{I did find some rather human like thigh bones though}.

some tourists tried to pronounce our names from the walkway above, ...quite amusing.

 Nao spotted a couple canoodling on the jetty, it was a very romanchicoo evening I must say!

after that, we walked to another pub. It was great, but our one starter cost the same as two mains back in ol'Peckhamshire.

and that was the end of a rather nice day, just exploring what we go past everyday on the bus!

* or course, if you didn't work it out, this is the banks of the river Thames, just next to Blackfriars bridge.

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