5 June 2011

RUST wedding photo shoot

Ha ha! a fake wedding!
...by the sounds of the title, its like i think Im some kind of profesh stylist type person, well, I am certainly not. But running your own business means you have to have a go at pretty much everything to save a bit of money and time. 

We are very pleased that so many of you's out there are sporting your very own RUST wedding rings, it really is fantastic, and keeping us very busy {which is kind of good}
Today I decided that it would be nice to have some 'weddingy' photos on our website, to emphasise our RUST style and help with our branding {do I sound like I know what Im talking about?}. Last year I did these ones for our regular jewellery. I'll show you what I did today, step by step kind of thing, if you're interested...

first off, I purchased some cheapo flowers from the co-op supermarket, £5 for two bunches of chrysanthemums. Then i picked loads of weeds {I mean wild flowers} from the meadow {yes i live in zone 2 of London so this is possible!} to mix in with them shop bought ones. }
{sorry about that scary baby's face poking out, I keep forgetting to put it at the bottom of the pile, its freaking me out!}

I had some old hankies from the flea market, some ribbony bits and I found some wire in my shed too, dont know where I got it from, but i suppose florists wire is optimum high spec wire if you can get it.

To make a headdress, I wrapped the wire round my head to get a rough idea of how big my bonce is, and made a circle, leaving the rest of the wire hanging at the back. Then I cut of a few select flowers and leaves...cow parsley type plant, elder flowers {buds and leaves} and grasses, and began arranging them one by one and wrapping the wire around as I went until I came to the back and finished off winding the wire around securely.

Then i needed to make a 'bouquet' or bunch of flowers to you and me.

I just gathered up and hand full of said weeds and flowers, putting leaves around the outer edge and tying a ribbon around tightly. It helps if you don't have a cat eating the grass that is meant to be a wedding bouquet at the same time.

After that I tied one of those old hankies {hot washed of course!} around the stems and then cut them off level.
job done.

I made up a dress of 1930s slips with an 1900s cotton dress over the top, which I had in my stash already. Tied a strip of satin as a belt, and put another hankie through it, tied a knot and stuffed a few flowers in it for good measure!

the rest of the leftover flowers went into this jug which also got the hankie treatment.

Next I had to set up the tripod and camera. I set the camera to manual, low exposure, etc... and self-timer.
These are the final photos, a few of which will be used on our RUST wedding site shortly!
{please excuse the cheesiness of these but its not as easy as you might think}

stupidly i forgot to bring home some sample rings so I had to use my own rings {again!}. There will be some exciting new rings coming next week, so keep your eyes glued here if you are on the look out for a wedding band! The ones above are available to buy online here

After all was done, i rather liked the look of the headdress on my shed door!
{my jug of Lobelia has nothing to do with it by the way!}

and now i have plenty of flowers decorating my shed which is rather lovely indeed.

On another note, Nao's shed is coming along nicely, he had a few hitches along the way which means its taken a tad longer than expected, but it should be ready in the next week or so {I reckon anyway}.

p.s. That is not actually cow parsley, its something similar, but it smells like cow's wee {farm style smell} so beware!
p.p.s I'm still picking aphids out of my hair, double beware!
p.p.p.s sorry for the amount of photos here, I couldn't decide which ones to post so they kind of all there instead.


  1. Anonymous5.6.11

    hey hey please answer:)which camera and lenses do you use???:)a.m.a.z.i.n.g photos:)amazing

  2. Absolutely breathtaking, you have done an amazing job that I think represents the style & brand so well. And the rings...they are just perfect...and actually make me wish I was getting married as they are so up my street.

  3. Elisabeth5.6.11

    Lovely pics, not too many at all!

    And I see even Plimsoll got the hanky treatment - or is that just his everyday look this summer?! :-)

  4. Hey I loves all the photos, much easier to read than words!! Especially loved the ones where your rings are in focus and rest of you is fuzzy! Amazed you did it with self timer.

  5. I love ALL the photos! stunning bride you are! x

  6. I love ALL the photos! stunning bride you are! x

  7. How fun to share your process of styling your photos, it's been really good to read about it. Thank you.

  8. Emma Y5.6.11

    Beautiful photos and I love the headress on your shed door - like a summer time wreath - gorgeous! Could I ask what colour of paint you used to paint your lovely shed?

  9. bravo! i love your bohemian lifestyle from the flowers you pick to the shed you live in and the jewelry you design. love.


  10. This is so beautiful, I love it!!

  11. I think one of the hardest things in the world is taking self portraits! So well done - you've done it beautifully!!! Hope the aphids are all gone from your head now!

  12. Those rings are so beautiful! I love how simple and pretty they are.

  13. I'm amazed you can make some co-op chrysants and a bunch of weeds look so good - talent indeed!

  14. Artemis,you are just,
    Too clever!
    Too creative!
    Too cute!

  15. Beautiful jewellery Arty Miss !

  16. What a lovely, lovely post!


    Following you just now!

  17. Love these photos, there is something very dreamy and magical about them :)

  18. How authentic and stylish and Uber gorgeous! Love it!

  19. Lovely photography.. that hair wreath is simply splendid!!! <3

  20. Beautiful photos. Who needs a stylist!!??

  21. I never commented though I have been around for some time now, but I had to compliment you about these pictures and the rings too. You have a dream life and are very talented to share it with others. So thank you for sharing !
    Good day to you

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  23. Opps...we meant to say that we can't wait to see more about Nao's shed as it takes shape and just love your little shed so much! x

  24. You make it look so easy... whenever I try to arrange flowers... hmmm actually I'm not sure what happens as I don't even try, I just shove them in a vase!
    Your peas are looking good too.

  25. The jewellery looks beautiful, and I love the dress you are wearing.

  26. Beautiful Artemis!

  27. i reckon the wee smelling flower is probably Ground Elder, which has a rather unpleasant smell!

  28. you look beautiful!!!! amazing photos too!

  29. photos are gorgeous and not at all cheesy, and you make the wreath-making sound/look so easy when I think I would end up in scrunched leaved wiry disaster.