pea, how I love thee...

23 June 2011

Our first peas from our garden, tasted like...

a million peas in one pea
spring morning air
freshly mown grass
hazel nuts
a cold gin and tonic
and 30 sugar lumps...

all in one pea! It's like bloody magic. But whats the best way to eat such beauties? Any suggestions?
{please take into account my ability in the kitchen is about the same as a five year old's} xxx

*Also {rant alert}, you might notice in my side column, that I am trying to help raise support for our humble British apples! In UK we have some of the best and most varied apple species in the world, only trouble is that supermarket chains obviously want/need to make lots of money so they buy up loads of cheap apples from abroad, places like New Zealand {for instance}. It makes me so cross, and now some nice varieties in Blighty are becoming extinct! Maybe we need to eat less apples or just eat them when they are in season, pay a bit extra and relish the delight that is a local apple. All those say Aye! Copella {an apple juice company} are taking some action about it, click on the logo to find out more, or go here>
This all occurred because I was contacted by an apple marketing company from a certain country on the other side of the world, claiming that their apples were better then ours, and that I should help advertising theirs to be shipped over to the UK, what nonsense indeed! {rant over}

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