23 June 2011

pea, how I love thee...

Our first peas from our garden, tasted like...

a million peas in one pea
spring morning air
freshly mown grass
hazel nuts
a cold gin and tonic
and 30 sugar lumps...

all in one pea! It's like bloody magic. But whats the best way to eat such beauties? Any suggestions?
{please take into account my ability in the kitchen is about the same as a five year old's} xxx

*Also {rant alert}, you might notice in my side column, that I am trying to help raise support for our humble British apples! In UK we have some of the best and most varied apple species in the world, only trouble is that supermarket chains obviously want/need to make lots of money so they buy up loads of cheap apples from abroad, places like New Zealand {for instance}. It makes me so cross, and now some nice varieties in Blighty are becoming extinct! Maybe we need to eat less apples or just eat them when they are in season, pay a bit extra and relish the delight that is a local apple. All those say Aye! Copella {an apple juice company} are taking some action about it, click on the logo to find out more, or go here>
This all occurred because I was contacted by an apple marketing company from a certain country on the other side of the world, claiming that their apples were better then ours, and that I should help advertising theirs to be shipped over to the UK, what nonsense indeed! {rant over}


  1. Smitten Kitchen has this fab recipe today and I said to my husband just 10 min ago that we are having it for supper tomorrow night. It looks very easy as well as delicious.


  2. as an Italian I would say: eat them raw! perhaps with a glass sparkling white wine and some fresh cheese like pecorino Sardo or Toscano or parmesan and that's it (see, no cooking involved ;)

  3. straight from the pod. Ours don't make it any further than a foot from the plant. Picked and munched in seconds. Peas are highly addictive...watch out, you might become pea'd. lou x

  4. AYE! My mum phoned me yesterday to rant about the apples too! I will let her know about the campaign!

    - Charlotte x
    p.s your peas look delicious!

  5. Flippin heck! what variety of pea are you growing to get all those flavours in one pea?

    The Pea Pod...someone should name their blog that...

  6. Aw i'm ashamed to be living in NZ now, although I'm a Brit through & through! I miss granny apples. And food made with homegrown veg tastes about a million times better

  7. i'd say eat the peas raw - in a pasta salad with mint and a little goat cheese. YUM - i wish we had a garden.

  8. hey they contacted me too and I thought why the hell would I want to advertise long haul fruit!

    love your pea description x

  9. i think is wonderful you are supporting local ( your country`s) products! i totaly agree! i try to buy only norwegian products ( and greek ones since i am a greek living in Norway ) its important to know what one eats.
    Artemis is a greek name by the way... lots of love from Norway : )

  10. I heard Raymond Blanc (while he was opening a village fete) also talking about British apples and how we must support our local growers. Makes a lot of sense as also ours are so tasty!

  11. loved the rant - well said! Peas from the pod are best, or just in a salad... we are waiting for enough broad beans and peas together to make this jamie recipe which is de-li-cious!.

  12. Fresh peas with lettuce, feta, mint and French dressing - my face salad! X

  13. Better than ours - what rubbish and such a cheek! Although I have to conceede that our apple season is over now, so its plums and soft fruit until the autumn which is the way things should be shouldn't it?

    Anyway wanted to say hello as I've been rather a lurker for some reason but I do find your blog utterly inspiring. How I wish I could keep such a tidy garden!

    Enjoy your peas (we've eaten all ours already!) and thought you may like to know about the marvellous annual Apple Day organised by Common Ground if you didn't already http://www.england-in-particular.info/cg/appleday/index.html


  14. Straight from the pod, my 10 year old has been asking to go pick pea pods since March - she loves them! Whenever I cook them, even for the shortest time, they never taste as good as raw. Glass of wine with them would be divine. xx

  15. Jamie Oliver has a great pea, mint and ham recipe which is dead simple basically boil penne (I use wholemeal) add chopped fresh mint, tub of marscapone, grated fresh parmesan, salt, pepper, peas (out the pod and boiled quickly) and chopped quality ham depending on whether or not you are vegetarian. I swear a five year old could do this recipe:)

  16. Your blog is fantastic! I just discovered it from a post on Pinterest of your wedding invitations. You and your other half are so very talented & I hope you're having a great weekend :o)

  17. Mrs.Bertimus26.6.11

    Quite right about British apples! It drives me mad in the supermarkets and I havent bought any for ages!

  18. Mrs.Bertimus26.6.11

    OOOO This is the first time I've actually been able to send a comment! Can I also say that I love your musings and photos and yours was one of the blogs that has inspired me to start my own, many thanks and keep up the fantastic work!

  19. Couldn't agree more - and I'm Australian. We don't even take New Zealand apples as we grow enough of our own and, I think, farmers use the risk of imported disease as an excuse to lobby the government to keep it that way, which is fine by me.

    Nothing against New Zealand, mind you, as I know they too have a big buy local campaign and I've no doubt lots of our produce ends up in places it shouldn't too.

    It's the downside of a Free Trade Agreement and the fault of people who demand fruit and veg be available all year round or just buy fruit when out of season.

    I went to my local plant nursery to buy some broccoli seeds and I noticed on the back of the packet that they were a UK product. The world's gone mad.

  20. We always eat apples when they are in season so that we get the same WOW factor that you had with the pea. And our favourite is the DIscovery apple which only appears for 4-6 weeks! Get them when you can...about early Sept time. x

  21. PS: Here is more about the discovery and a great apple website that we found.


  22. Yay to freshly picked home grown peas and British grown apples in heritage varieties - we have some in my parents' garden that I don't even know what variety they are as we inherited them with the house, but boy do they taste good.

  23. Best way to eat peas: raw and fresh from the plant, as I used to do with my grandfather as we walked through his vegetable garden!

    Other good options: raw on a salad, or tossed into a plate of pasta

  24. I would say raw or steamed...I personally like them steamed and tossed in a spring mix of some kind. Add some parsley for a really amazing taste!

  25. Catherine13.1.13

    Blanched peas, drain, add baby spinach, lemon juice and crumbled feta, salt and pepper. That was a Jamie Oliver recipe from years ago and I used to make it obsessively one summer.

    Female farmer from Kent has a stall at Peckham Sunday Market in front of the library, she has quite a few English apples now.