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20 June 2011


apologies for the lack of posts these days, I guess I must be pretty busy! In fact for RUST this is the busiest time of the year as everyone is putting in their wedding ring orders in time for their summer weddings.

We also do trunk shows over in Tokyo in department store Barney's New York {which confusingly isn't in New York} and in a shop called 'Edition' some of you trendy peeps might have heard of these. In fact we landed ourselves the biggest amount of orders ever! All thanks to our main man Osamu Baba, who handles all our Trunk shows on our behalf.

Anyways, I digress, I have actually been designing some new samples, as seen in these pics {click on pics to see more info on each ring} I had the idea for the stone set rings from seeing a Victorian 'Regard' ring, where the different stones spell out the word Regard. So you could chose any combination of stones {provided we can get hold of them} which would also be nice for a friendship ring or anything ring!
... And Nao has been busy working on the new Rose-cut eternity ring {below}.

the ones above are with brilliant-cut champagne diamonds, and below is the rose-cut diamonds with platinum...

...with 'to infinity' engraved in Latin.

and new 'oak leaf' carved design on a flat court ring.

this ring is a few sizes to big for me but you get the idea eh.

Also, just added a chunky men's 6mm horn texture ring too...

To see more from our wedding range and other jewellery, go to our website here>

Happy Monday from Rust!


  1. Exquisite as always!

  2. such beautiful rings!


  3. Such beautiful rings ... so wish I had heard of you when I got married!

  4. I love the rose cut platinum eternity ring! It's so perfect! I'll definitely be coming to you for my wedding ring! xxx

  5. artemis! these new rings are bloody amazing!the rose-cut diamonds in platinum makes me swoon, especially with the quote. fabulous work as always my dear!

  6. These are sooooooooooo beautiful. . . . .. now where's my eccentric millionaire to treat me to them all. . . .


  7. Oh so beautiful Artemis!

  8. exquisite yet bold. great find, thanks for sharing!


  9. ooh these are rather lovely aren't they.

    I like the thought of sending secret messages to the apple of your eye through the stones in a ring. xx

  10. Anonymous23.6.11

    These are really my kind of rings. Why am I always broke?


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