vintage wardrobe additions

27 May 2011

some new finds from the market... I am planning to sell the two dress but the rest are for me!
I love this Edwardian top sooo much, it has a hole on the front, but apart from that its perfect, and just my size. The corduroy skirt is a bit too long for me so I'm going to shorten it a little.

I really like this peasant top, it has some kind of deer {?} on it, and the way the sleeves are gathered is amazing.

this white cotton dress is lovely too, but too big for me so it may appear on the Bucket Tree once I have checked it over. The little satchel is for the shop too.

we are desperately running out of space to hang up our vintage finds, they are all hanging on the picture rail, awaiting dry cleaning/washing.

So its yet another bank holiday weekend this weekend! so I wish you all a lovely break from work and hope the sun comes out wherever you may be. X

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