Nao's shed. part 1

30 May 2011

Finally Nao {that's my hazubando by the way} has decided to build himself a shed, a little shed the same size as mine 4 x 6ft. Today works on the build began...
Making a kind of flat base was pretty difficult but I helped by making useful suggestions whilst doing absolutely nothing.

Plimsoll checked the level of the base by laying her belly on it.
After a bit of blood sweat and near tears, we manage to erect the sides. {well Obviously Nao did the hard work, and I just supported}

This shed ended up being completely the wrong layout than what we had ordered! It was meant to be like mine with the door at the end, but we thought it looked quite nice actually.
We felt a few drops of rain, so Nao stuck the roof on asap.

This is now the view from my shed! we will have to learn sign language, well, the sign for a 'cuppa', and, 'what's for dinner', maybe.
Stay tuned for more updates of Nao's shed progress...I'm very excited and feeling a tiny bit jealous already.

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