little venice...& hampstead

18 May 2011

first off, I'd just like to say a massive thank you, I still can't quite believe that anyone reads this blog, even though I have now gathered 1000 followers! {see the bottom of this blog} So I suppose I really need to realise I'm not just muttering to myself.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, we went on a little adventure around London in our titchy car. First stop was Warwick Avenue, which is the nearest tube stop to Little Venice. Little Venice is actually just a canal in London, nothing really like Venice!

on the walk to the canal, we spied a garden centre all tucked away between lots of grand houses. Its called Clifton Nursery, and well worth a trip, if not for the truly amazing, best EVER cream tea, with homemade jam {and I've sampled a few in my time}.

and a small cat that did not appreciate my attentions.

after stuffing our cake holes...we made it to the water's edge, and the sun came out and all was delightful.

we dreamed about having our own houseboat one day, hmm...

a very lovely stroll indeedo. next up, Hampstead Heath, and Kenwood House that lies therein.

we have been here a few times before, but we were a bit early for dinner at the pub, so we went for a wander...

there were so many wild flowers and baby ducks and stuff, it really was beautiful in there.

and then, it was time to eat, again. 
we went to a pub called 'the spaniards' which is well know around those parts. It is very very old indeed.
This is what went in our bellies that day...

paying the congestion charge in central London is a bit of a pain in the bum to be honest, but, we saw so many new things when whizzing about in our car in the city. £10 doesn't seem too bad I suppose.

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