9 May 2011

Bucket Tree update

a Bucket Tree update today! There are lots of bags and purses, I especially like this 70s going-away bag, I'd feel like a professional high flyer with this {even though I'm scared to my pants of planes}. Its what I imagine Indiana Jones having on his trips to Morocco etc...
Anyways, go and take a look if you're in the mood!


  1. I love this update! And I as well am goo goo over the old school bags. I think I bought two from an Etsy shop just last month.

    Lovely post, Di


  2. Argh I love the little satchel, and the desk fan...and the map book. Oh I hate not having any money! Xxx

  3. Hi! I subscribe to your blog on RSS feed - mainly for all the creative inspiration so thanks for that! You clearly have an eye for capturing mood photographically and an obvious nack for style and originality. My only suggestion (which I share liberally with anyone who photographs themselves or just anyone who allows themselves to be photographed) - is SMILE :) You look more beautiful, you let other people know that you are enjoying life (which clearly you are :) and similing people are just nicer to see than non-smiling people...You are naturally very beautiful, now just smile.

    Thanks again for all the creativity!

  4. The butterflies are incredibly beautiful, yet so very sad at the same time. Particularly the Common Blue, which I adore watching about the garden on sunny days.

  5. I love the satchel! My Mum had one just like that in the 70s!!