adventures in cambridgeshire

4 May 2011


more car adventures last weekend. I feel like this blog is becoming a 'visit Britain' campaign.
I think we have already achieved the average annual mileage in one month, but, y'know its kind of addictive to have 'outings' and eat cream teas and pub lunches.

this time we went in the direction of Cambridgeshire, and our first stop was at Wimpole House and farm. I nearly had a cardiac arrest at the baby lambs. I really would have stuffed as many as possible into the boot if Nao wasn't looking. I'd still love them when they are grown into ugly sheep, honest!

 can you guess what bird this chic will grow up to be?

On the farm there are plenty of wonderful old barns that feel all cosy and warm. They creek in the wind as if they are about to collapse.

After my hyperventilation at all the baby cows, piglets and goats etc, we went into Cambridge to calm down a bit...


 a seriously lovely place, however its hard not to feel as common as muck here, amongst all the 'posh' kids.
Only kidding, I'm just jealous, ...I am proud of my seven GCSEs!

 I tried to look studious in the hope that some intellectual vapours will get soaked up into my tiny brain.

but, alas, nothing happened yet. Anyway, I can't ride a bicycle very well so I couldn't have studied at Cambridge even if they begged me.

seems like a lot of skiving goes on here,

much better be out n'about, rather than with your nose in some old dusty book eh!

we had a lovely day, and my overall impressions are, that I prefer Cambridge to Oxford, sorry Oxfordians!

Buying our car has been one of the best decision we ever made! Britain is actually quite nice y'know, and I think its nice of Mme Nature, to give us this sunny weather to enjoy after so many worries and catastrophes of late.
Where to next I wonder...hmmm?

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