8 April 2011

what an amazing...

...heat wave we are having! Sorry to those who don't live in the South of England, as this post may be slightly tedious. For us blue-skinned Brits, this last three days of sunny heat in april, I'll say it again, APRIL, is almost too good to be true. We worked late on Tuesday night so that we could enjoy wednesday at home in the sun, and it was definitely worth it.

a stroll in the meadow, picking wild chives in my bare feet and sun dress...

watering my crop, and tucking into veggie sausage sarnie...

followed by strawberries {out of season I know!} and a crisp white wine. {small story: Me and Nao generally disliked white wine, only red for us. however, our kindly neighbour gave us a bottle of white wine for letting the builder get through our garden. he must have supposed that because Nao being Japanese, might eat a lot of fish, therefore concluded white was right for us. We drank it when we ran out of our usual red wine. Hmm, not bad actually, we thought. Then another bottle from same neighbour appeared, for another favour, and it was even better than the last! So, now we can add white wine to our list of preferred drinks. The bottle we drank this day {not the whole bottle i should add!}, was the first white wine we ever bought ourselves!}

Plimsoll only likes one flavour...Sheba Finest Cuts of Tuna {with Prawn} Im wondering how many times I have to mention this brand in order to get Plimsoll some freebies.
After a lot of lazing in our garden, and turning a delicate shade of Magenta, I went for another wander around the meadow/graveyard at the back of our flat. I discovered another secret pathway, and another meadow! Right here in stinky Ol'London, can you believe it? We are just yards from Peckham.
but I still love this pile of wood, for some reason...

I hate wearing shoes, and I love wearing £1.50 flip flops. My feet look a lot different when the air can get to them.

Cow Parsley is coming out already...

and someone had planted Forget-Me-Nots on a grave...

we thought  this would be the only hot day {21 degrees Celsius} so we indulged ourselves further by going to the pub, then to the park, and then back to the pub again*.

Nao's Tshirt makes me laugh...

second trip to the pub ended in a drunken stupor. We unknowingly, ordered the most expensive gin & tonic known to human kind £14.10 for two! we could have had a dinner for that! we decided to just drink and be merry and forget about it.

Sunny again tomorrow too! be prepared to see alot of people buying charcoal and bright red beer bellies. I love sunny UK : )

*we are not alchoholics honest!, but I have to admit that pubs do feature a lot on this blog.


  1. I'm so enjoying the sunshine and a white wine in the sunshine is always good, to be honest so is a beer and that lovely Swedish pear cider!! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I'm glad you've been enjoying the sunshine too! London is a totally different city when the sun comes out...and everyone seems so much happier and friendlier, don't you think?! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Cat x

  3. Very nice post and some lovely photos in there too. We're loving the warm sunshine and hope it will stick around for some time!

  4. Oh and by the way, where did you get Plimsoll's basket? I have a kitty who would love one just like that!

  5. We're all grateful to april sun in UK. It's lovely having a drink outside of the pub in a lovely spring night. Big kisses to Plimsoll.

  6. I am loving your photographs. They give me a peek into a part of the world I have never seen.What a gorgeous place you live in!Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. We in the East have had an even hotter heat wave - and it's amazing how upbeat everything suddenly seems! I moved to white wine after developing an overnight intolerance to red when I turned 40 - it was quite upsetting at the time!! Boo x

  8. So summery already!We still have loads of snow in Finland..

  9. Really beautiful photos. They make me want to play outside.

  10. Anonymous9.4.11

    Hi Artemis, On your last post you said you hate wearing shoes and love wearing flip flops. I would like to send you a gift of amazing cinnamon slippers that I sell. They have cinnamon in the inside sole and this warms the feet, massages the accupuncture points of the feet and makes em smell fragrant...what size are you and can you send me your work address, I will pop em in the post for you with some info...maybe you wouldn't mind givin them a mention if you like them which I'm sure you will....we are getting glorius sunshine here in Dublin too...I'm sitting on my balcony catching the last evening rays with a glass of oool white wine! :) Ruth in Dublin

  11. itsasne11.4.11

    ohmygod that t-shirt is hilarious!! really too good
    i love your meadows and all your romantic sounding strolls through them (can't believe you found another one!)

  12. oh em gee, where did he get that shirt? and ruth in dublin, where can i get some of those cinnamon shoes?!!! :D

  13. I am missing London a lot!!! beautiful sunshine, pub and park!!

  14. I'd love to know which park this is? We've recently moved to P Rye and only know the delights of Peckham Rye park. Is it Nunhead cemetary?