16 April 2011

ahhh, the delights of gardening eh?...

now we have our own car, obtaining compost is easy peasy. So I spent most of today pottering about, transplanting my seedling which are coming on a treat, very exciting! I especially like plants who's baby leaves look like the grown up leaves, just much smaller {if you know what i mean} im sure there is a technical term for this, but as I am yet to keep a plant alive for longer then 5 weeks, Im a bit of a novice gardener.

i rescued this grape vine from the workshop, its a bit thin and weedy, not sure if it will produce some Peckhamshire Chardonnay yet but will give it a go.

Plimsoll is making sure all works are completed to a suitable standard.

so we are rubbing our hand together in excitement for our future salad {a very expensive salad if I do the sums!} 

also, been admiring my new Granny bag, to go with my Granny shoes and my Granny cardi...and my Granny wrinkles, oh yes : (

On another note, if you live in UK and ordered our Sakura necklace before Friday, then you should receive yours on Monday!

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