New RUST jewellery

12 April 2011


So yes I have been doing more than just lying in the sun drinking wine! I have just added some new items to our RUST jewellery shop as well as restocking some popular items too. As usual some of them are vintage so there may only be one {unless we find another in the antique market!}. For these I have created a 'vintage' section to avoid any confusions, as I know many people these day now use the term 'vintage' even if it is modern {very confusing for my pea brain anyway}.
Also, we are in the process of making some items to help Nao's hometown of kesennuma, Japan, in particular to help re-build his mum's school for autistic children which was washed away in the Tsunami. We hoped to have them ready this week so fingers crossed!
Anyways, I'm pooped as they say, have been on the computer too long...time to watch some telly!

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