9 April 2011

heat wave: day four!

this is the first of three posts today! I dont know why i think you'd be interested in what we get up to, but I'll post it anyway! Nao and I have been shamelessly roasting ourselves in the garden. We have been longing for some sun on our skin for so long, as last summer was not that great, so its lovely to be able to lay in the sun and get all hot and brown. We have soaked up our recommended dose of vitamin D already.
of course we had to end the day on a summer note, with a little barbecue in our bucket...

we experimented with salmon cooked in butter, wine and lemon juice with herbs. It was pretty good!

we also had halloumi cheese, peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes and asparagus, coated in butter and soya sauce mixture! luvvlyyyy. one more day of sun left? i am loving it!!


  1. oh I have that bucket bbq! We have it at the allotment. Yum bbq choice of food, will have to try the salmon parcels. xx

  2. Hey Artemis / Simetra (?) I Lurve YOUR blog. Tell me, is it a British and specifically Cockney custom to BBQ with asparagus? I would have thought it would not cook? Please share your recipe as i LOVE asparagus even though it is expensive here and makes my urine green (ish)

    tee hee ha ha

    Michelle Philipsxxx from USA XXX loving your vintage style innit x

  3. So glad to see this post, I love BBQ's!! Glad you guys are getting a heat wave. You deserve it!! Loving your blog for a while now from San Diego, California.


  4. That looks so delicious, you're making me hungry!

  5. i want to bbq! i love that first photo! lovely colours - and im always a sucker for shots of tables filled with food!

  6. How lovely, fresh and delicious! Very summer.

  7. That bbq looks seriously good!!