18 April 2011

Devil's Punch Bowl & Jane Austin's house

yesterday we went off to the countryside in our new car to meet up with my middle brother who recently moved to Hampshire. On the way, we couldn't avoid the National Trust cafe at the Devil's Punch Bowl just off the A3. Devil's Punch Bowl is a huge crater or some such, filled with lovely trees all the way to the bottom. The view from the top is spectacular. we went for a short walk in there...

my brain couldn't handle the decision of which path to take.

did a spot of tree hungin'

then...to the pub. there happened to be a horsey event going on that day at the pub which was a bit of a treat because I love animals I do...

then Me, Nao + Brother {Bib} went off in search of Jane Austin's house.
Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pics inside, but take my word for it, it was suitable accommodation.

maybe she sat here and thought up Mr. Darcy eh?

I was particularly taken with the office...

some nice fleurs too.

after munching our way through some pretty decent scones, we went for a meander through the village {which is made up of a tea room and a pub}

'a spot of cricket, what?' why naturally.

can you see a likenest between me and my brother?

on the way back home we went the wrong way up the motorway {because London is sometime hard to find y'know} we took a turning, and ended up in Wisley...a tiny village. We thought we'd try and find some bluebell woods but we were robbed of that luxury.
but we did see this...

and a couple of bluebells hiding under a tree.
More heat waves to come this week apparentley, its just too good to be true! oh joy.


  1. Seems like you had a wonderful time with your family! I love the images of your walk through the forest, wish I had more time to do the same!

  2. Ooooh, you were just down the road from me then. Chawton and the surrounding countryside is a very pretty place, even better when the weather is as lovely as it's been.

  3. Looks like you've been having a ball. Pitty about the bluebell wood, I live in The Forest of Dean and there are bluebells ankle deep at the moment - lovely!

  4. Wow, what a jam packed post! Oh, how I would love to visit Ms Austen's house.

  5. so wonderfully green :)
    makes me miss the forests back home!

  6. Amazing...you were so close to where I live!! You were also so close to an amazing bluebell woods just outside of Chawton!! xx

  7. The Devil's Punchbowl is where my now-husband proposed to me (for the second time, the first time was in a car park on the spur of the moment!), and it's such a lovely place - you were so close to us, you could have popped in for a cuppa! Jane Austen's house is marvelous, it was a few years ago that I went, but I remember being suitably impressed! I love to see my local area on other people's blogs - what lovely photos as well x

  8. Oh that A3 can be tricksy! We must have positively brushed past each other as we were in Wisley {RHS} yesterday and each time we make our way home I'm always tempted to go and check out the village.
    Cannot believe I have not been to Jane Austen's house yet! x

  9. woooseee totally jealous of your Jane Austen experience.. had no idea there's a house! you always have the most adventurous weekends and now you've got your own little car they'll be no stopping you!

  10. What a lovely day out. I love how sometimes a 'wrong turn' can bring you to a little bit of paradise, completely by accident.

  11. So true...we've often found the most magical places by sheer accident. Lovely photos.

  12. This trip looks like absolute heaven! I remember visiting Jane Austen's home - so simple and quiet. The perfect place to concoct such delightful novels!

  13. Looks so beautifully dreamy, what a wonderful trip to break in a new car.

  14. What a trip down memory lane!! One of our prime ministers, Lloyd George, built a house for his mistress deep within the Devil's punch bowl. By the time my family moved in, it had been divided into three cottages. I spent all my years between 10 and 16 playing all sorts of imaginative games in the punch bowl!! I even had my first kiss there! And how many times did my mum drag us off to Jane Austen's house? I can't begin to count - it only began to mean something to me when we left that area!! Thank you for the chance to wallow in some excellent memories!

  15. That was such a lovely visit. x

  16. I loved this awesome post - and what amazing treasures one can find whilst lost. Love being lost - and found again.
    A xx
    HAPPY heatwave Easter <3

  17. I love ALL these photos. So beautiful and refreshing. It's a day for refreshing photos, for sure.

    Following you on Bloglovin and looking forward to more!


  18. Looks lovely, rural England is so pretty.

  19. Beautiful,delicate,enigmatic. I love it! Can't wait for the conference too, it's going to be great.

  20. Your pictures are gorgeous, as always!
    Also, I'd love to visit Jane Austen's house as well (I've only been to Bath), and sorely miss people playing cricket whenenever the weather allows it. Turns out the sport is not very popular in Germany, and we also lack the parks to play in ;-)

  21. Hi , I have a little question about your equipments for camping : Could you telle me where you found the green rechaud on the nice photo where you are in front of the tent and red kerosene lamp too ? thank you very much , I try to find cute things like ours for my vintage caravan .