30 April 2011

my first crop of radishes!, well, four to be exact. They taste like heaven, juicy and peppery. But, some are not as expected...

but once chopped up with some homegrown salad leaves {at least i hope these are salad leaves not random weeds} they taste just as good.

 {i didn't grow the toms by the way!}

then, time to lay back and enjoy this summery weekend, ...and try not to scare the neighbours in my bikini.

...whilst keeping one eye on the next edibles. Cant wait to un-earth this specimen. look at the pinkness! I think it is called Pink Emperor or something of that nature.

i might have to try my hand at some vegetable portraits, as inspired by these treasured pressies from an inspirational gardener friend. aren't these seed packets beautiful?...

the long one contains sticks to stop my cat pooing on my seedlings.

successfully managed some fleurs too, next year, Chelsea here I come!

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