30 April 2011


my first crop of radishes!, well, four to be exact. They taste like heaven, juicy and peppery. But, some are not as expected...

but once chopped up with some homegrown salad leaves {at least i hope these are salad leaves not random weeds} they taste just as good.

 {i didn't grow the toms by the way!}

then, time to lay back and enjoy this summery weekend, ...and try not to scare the neighbours in my bikini.

...whilst keeping one eye on the next edibles. Cant wait to un-earth this specimen. look at the pinkness! I think it is called Pink Emperor or something of that nature.

i might have to try my hand at some vegetable portraits, as inspired by these treasured pressies from an inspirational gardener friend. aren't these seed packets beautiful?...

the long one contains sticks to stop my cat pooing on my seedlings.

successfully managed some fleurs too, next year, Chelsea here I come!


  1. oh I have just pulled our first radish too! Isn't it the best thing? Did you sow some cucumber.. nothing tastes as good as home grown cucumbers. Loux

  2. I agree Lou, my Grandad grows cucumber and it's so much better than any you can buy. I love your wonky radishes Artemis! xxx

  3. Well done! homegrown has to be the best. I really hope to get some planted for late season this year - it'll be a first for me.

  4. Sewing *nonsense*?!???
    Hang on to those needles, you haven't a clue as to the difficulty of finding fine needles these days...

    (And, I don't think the sat looks evil, just kinda lost... Love him some, and see what happens ;-D

  5. So satisfying to eat your own homegrown produce. I have been very remiss this year and haven't planted a thing yet. I am envious ...

  6. Please let me know if you find out what the non pooing one is!
    Our neighborhood cats poo all over our garden and i'd like to encourage them..into someone elses plot
    thank you & yuk
    k x

  7. Nothing beats homegrown vegetables! Lovely flowers you have there too. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I love all those finds your pics always look so good.

  9. Wow, you're getting really good. I need to get back out into the garden.

  10. I'm growing radishes at the moment too - so satisfying how quickly they mature. Can't wait for my first crop! Apparently they're really nice roasted.

  11. We built a chicken run this weekend and next is the vegie patch! I have to say dear Artemis - you have captured the globe with your charmed life and your gusto for "the things that matter" - What could possibly compare with a home-grown salad, some treasures refound and reloved and the joy of sharing this news with the world. THANK YOU! You have inspired me to start a blog and share my blessed life with everyone who will take a moment to enjoy the adventures of an Australian Thrifting, Bunting and Chicken loving gal! So as they say in my neck of the woods - Good Onya Mate! :-) xx

  12. Thank you for sharing your glorious finds and photos. x

  13. Armide2.5.11

    Ah! I knew the veggies plots would be too tempting for Plimsoll! Some friends of mine with the same kind of gardening challenge lay some bush branches over their groing crops, so their cat doesn't poo (which means: first scratch, then poo, and then scratch again) on their salads. It seems to work all right...
    Good luck Artemis!

  14. Great pictures, I'm just glad I'm not the only person think a radish was worth a photo!!

  15. Ooo yummy. bought my mum some radish seeds called Easter Parade when in New York, they are meant to come out all different colours, purple etc. Very excited to see the results.



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