clogged up

9 April 2011

I found these clogs for just three pounds in a charity shop. They may just look like some old granny shoes to you, but I love'em! I've had many a pair of clogs in my life, I love the idea of wearing wood on your feet, such a good idea. 
Only two problems, one: they make your feet feel like two raw peeled potatoes. two: make you sound like an old donkey walking down the street. So alas, I gave up. But the yearning to wear clogs and go shopping with a wicker basket remained, oh no!
These ones though, fit perfect and no blisters so far. Also, they are silent when walking, not a hoof to be heard. I love the way they have the size stamped into the wood...very utilitarian.

I love clogs, and these clogs were surely made for me! {well, they've been well worn by someone else so far, and needed a good scrub clean}

I also have found me a new bag too. Been looking for ages. I don't really like wearing leather except sometimes for shoes, so I've been looking for a fake leather bag for a while but they always look ugly, cheap and naff. But I saw this one in the market and thought it was acceptable and would go with my new clog look...

A bit nautical no? Its brand new new, from Leather Lane market £10 {they still have other colours}...bargantuos!
p.s. apologies if this is some kind of designer rip off! Leather Lane is a bit like that.

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