9 April 2011

clogged up

I found these clogs for just three pounds in a charity shop. They may just look like some old granny shoes to you, but I love'em! I've had many a pair of clogs in my life, I love the idea of wearing wood on your feet, such a good idea. 
Only two problems, one: they make your feet feel like two raw peeled potatoes. two: make you sound like an old donkey walking down the street. So alas, I gave up. But the yearning to wear clogs and go shopping with a wicker basket remained, oh no!
These ones though, fit perfect and no blisters so far. Also, they are silent when walking, not a hoof to be heard. I love the way they have the size stamped into the wood...very utilitarian.

I love clogs, and these clogs were surely made for me! {well, they've been well worn by someone else so far, and needed a good scrub clean}

I also have found me a new bag too. Been looking for ages. I don't really like wearing leather except sometimes for shoes, so I've been looking for a fake leather bag for a while but they always look ugly, cheap and naff. But I saw this one in the market and thought it was acceptable and would go with my new clog look...

A bit nautical no? Its brand new new, from Leather Lane market £10 {they still have other colours}...bargantuos!
p.s. apologies if this is some kind of designer rip off! Leather Lane is a bit like that.


  1. I just love Leather Lane market. Have you visited Kate Kanzier before? Her shoe shop is on Leather Lane too. I bought some sandals there last week, pretty reasonably priced and so comfy!

    Love the clogs too!


  2. I was a clog girl in the 70's, and if you find a pair that fit the sole of your foot snuggly, there is nothing nicer. I'm now into Birks, having realised that a size smaller than my shoe size will fit my foot perfectly, and the nice weather we've had recently has meant that socks have stayed in the drawer, and my toes have been feeling fresh air. Bliss!

  3. I love clogs (and Birks for that matter). If I haven't worn clogs for a while though, I always find it a bit hard to walk in them until I get used to them.

    The bag is very cute I must say!

  4. Ooooh excellent finds. love the bag, what a bargain. I love hearing about what you get up to! We all do! That's why we blog.

  5. Yo Ms A - I also love the idea of clogs but find them torturous to walk in...however I have discovered clogs with a cork sole (mine are by a company called Sanita) which you will find are like walking with pillows tied to your feet! Hope all is well...Jxx

  6. Great finds...nothing nicer than finding a gently used consignment bag!

  7. Wow... this is incredible.. why have i not heard of leather lane before?? where abouts is it please tell me :D

    visit me at www.allthings-fabulous.blogspot.com

    JAde xx

  8. p.s i Love you whole blog <3

  9. Catherine14.1.13

    If you like clogs, and don't like the pain that some of them can cause then look at Merrell clogs/slip ons. They are hard to find here. Amazon have some, but you have to pay the import duty etc. I have several pairs I bought in the States and they are hands down the most comfortable footwear I have ever worn.They come in a variety of leather and suede and some synthetic covering for summer, indoor wear. DSW will ship to the UK.