Box Hill

3 April 2011

Today we went to Box Hill, which is in Surrey, not too far from London. We were lucky enough to catch a few warm rays of sun. After repeatedly saying 'so where is the hill then?' , we suddenly looked down and realised we were on the hill...and it was big and not box like at all.

Old man's beard?

loads of lovely moss, whenever I see nice moss, I always want to pull it up and take it home with me. Or take my shoes off and walk all over it. I restrained myself from doing either.

some passers by may have thought I was caught short of the toilet, but actually I was pretending to be David {Attenborough or course}.

hundreds of tiny violets!

wow, the fairies have been here.

after a walk around, we needed nourishment, so we stopped at a fine establishment called 'the Running Horses' in a place called Mickleham. They do a very fine luncheon there indeed, highly recommended!

opposite a church...

i found a grave with a funny name, so I placed a pine cone on the top as a reward.
{his name was Walter Birmingham, I have never heard Birmingham as a surname before, its quite impressive though}

We sadly missed our cuppa tea and slice o'cake due to a navigational mishap {SatNav, nothing to do with Moi!!} and all was shut. Poor Nao had to drive back to London through endless traffic on an empty {well, cake & caffeine-less} stomach! OOOpss.

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