28 April 2011

antique market finds

so, last week we sneaked off to Ardingly Antiques fair. It was a super hot and sunny day, which combined with junk rummaging, resulted in pretty much my idea of heaven I have to say.
I already have an enormous amount of stock waiting to be listed on Bucket Tree, which I have been a tad to busy to get done! So i decided only to look for things for myself or display for our Rust shop.
So here are a few items {more will follow in next posts!} that we picked up for our showroom.
Above, a rusty bird bath, handy don't cha think?

and this wee dresser, something nice about it, don't know what though? also very handy for displaying tiny things like...um...jewellery!

I put some vintage wallpaper on the back, but it has subsequently all curled up! So please ignor this factor as I will do it again properly, with something stronger...like nails.

it holds a suprising amount of stuff actually, more room in there than in our whole kitchen.
Also, we found more old prints, taken from books around the Regency time. We use these alot for photographing our jewellery on and for inspiration. I love the way they have so much more expressions than modern book illustrations.

even the mushrooms.

I bought so many other bits and bobs that have now been dispersed around our flat. I will get hold of them and take a few pics to post here.
So, until tomorrow, farewell my dear readers!


  1. I have been meaning to go to Ardingly for ages, was it big?

    The dresser is fab and perfect for the necklaces - great buy!

    Can't wait to see the rest of your vintage loveliness.

  2. I bet you had a fantabulous day mooching about, was your little car bursting at the sides with goodies?

  3. That dresser is so cute! I've wanted to go to Ardingly for a while - will definitely be going now I've seen what treasures you managed to pick up!


  4. I went to Ardingly too! It was beautiful weather, I got a tiny bit burnt. Oops. LOVE that teeny dresser! You always find such unusual things.

  5. That dresser is the cutest thing.

  6. I envy the choice of antique markets you have around where you live!! And all the stuff you find there!!!
    Also, FUNGi is the funniest English word to me. Don't know why :))

  7. Love, love, love how you display your gorgeous jewellery!

  8. I've been wanting to go to Ardingly for ages, but having a Mini and being at Uni make it a bit difficult! I love the way you've displayed necklaces in the dresser drawer, it makes them look like treasure xxxx

  9. Oh! Everything is just lovely! I wish there more stores like Ardingly! WONDERFUL things! You're so lucky!



  10. So many lovely things - the dresser is beautiful in its age, a great set for your jewellery.