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7 March 2011

yesterday, we went on another little outing, beginning at the car boot sale, and than on to Hughenden Manor {more about this later}. we found lots of bits and bobs, some for me, and some for Bucket Tree too. I love to collect useless pointless things, like these two dolls made of beads. whatever will i be like when i am 80?
I am worried.

to make things worse, i also purchased a pair of slippers in the boot sale for 20p, and a new new blanket!
Granny or what? I love the colour of that blanket so much i was willing to part with actual money for it. Unlike usual, i bought it from new.

i love the print on this bag and its soft fine cordroy and squishy handles!

a couple of grandma jumpers for me, and a stsunning large wooden horse for the Bucket Tree {if I can bring myself to part with it!}

on our return home, we stopped at the pub for sunday roast, and remembered that I might be mentioned in the Independent on Sunday this went and grabbed a copy, and there I am! {well my name anyway} and online. Also the author has a great blog too, where she recently featured the bucket tree, lovely!

meanwhile, it has been brought to my attention, that Plimsoll has achieved her own small worldwide fan club...maybe she should have her own blog? she could share her thoughts about my new blanket...

maybe even a 'Sunday Blanket Review' sampling the best blankets of 2011. I'm sure she's got a thing or two to discuss about tinned tuna too.

On another note, I took another roll of film with my old Halina yesterday too, so hopefully some of them will come out...will show you all for sure!

its a beautiful day here in London, yet am feeling a little forlorn for some strange reason...oh well, hot cross bun should sort it out. Happy Monday {um,contradiction in terms?} everyone!

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