vintage polaroid camera

5 March 2011


we were kindly given this amazing camera by my friends Dad on the Isle of Wight, its been in his family from new, but possibly bought in US. Its from 1959, and its a Polaroid camera. I didn't even know they existed in 1959, it must have been super dooper hi-tech in those days!
I love the way its built like a 50s car, really heavy with chrome details.

I spent today investigating it a bit further. sadly they stopped making the film for this in 1992 {idiotic!} however, I have heard that it may be possible to convert it to normal roll film, and I know just the place to take it, right near our workshop.
until then I'll just look at it!

...and its case!

 the rest of the day was spent here boot sale! oh lordy.

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