21 March 2011

tea, weaving and life in general

Its been a very surreal week, and although we can forget for a day, turn off the internet, tv and radio, all the time we know, for lots of people in Japan, they are in mourning for their children, parents, fiends and neighbours, all lost within the same few minutes of the same day. 
I have realised that the world is a very scary place sometimes and we should take stock of what we have and appreciate it a bit more. A well known cheesy fact I know, but a very true one! 
This weekend, after a frosty morning, the spring popped out its bleary head and said hello...

it was a beauty of a day, and in that same morning I heard about the deaths of two people in Japan and the birth of another...Nao is now an Uncle again! {that means I'm an Auntie doesn't it?} We are so happy for Nao's sister & husband, and for Kesennuma, who now has a new resident that is happily oblivious to what just happened to their hometown. On that thought, we made a trip to the caf for some brekkie.

...and walked back through the blossoms in Peckham Rye {not quite Japanese cherry blossoms, but near enough}.

During the week, we received this cup of tea via the post! from our dear friends in Holland, who, although we have never met...always seems to know the right things to say.

some lovely Assam leaf tea, we had a little tea ceremony in our garden, and used my Grandma's silver tea strainer, and our new pottery mugs for the first time.


It was almost a balmy 15 degrees! I decided to spring clean my shed...

and began weaving again. I'm making a scarf for Nao. It is white Irish linen and charcoal grey cashmere. A strange combination you might think, but I did it before {but a different colour} and it was so soft but light and airy, perfect for spring time neck attire me thinks.
I used this little two heddle loom which I found in a flea market a couple of years ago. It was all rusted and broken, but I took it all apart and fixed it up. Its the first time I have used it in fact.
It does just plain weave, I usually weave lots of patterns and colours, but for some reason, I feel like I want to keep things simple.

I love looking at all the threads knowing I threaded them all correctly!

I spent alot of time pottering around the flat, putting things in jars, folding up clothes...

and i finally found a nice lampshade for my car boot sale 70s masterpiece lamp base. Its from Habitat and is called Shoji, which is apparently what Japanese paper sliding doors are made from.
{please excuse woodchip wall paper, not our fault}

I like looking at my achievements. 
Plimsoll likes climbing the washing rack.

have a lovely week peoples {and a special thank you to those readers still checking in to Junkaholique from Japan, keep yourselves safe, we are all thinking of you x}.


  1. congratulations on your wee little niece or nephew!

    and i can't believe you weave - seriously! you do it all!

  2. I'm learning weave at the moment at art college! Fiddly to set up, but lots of fun and very satisfying isn't it?! x

  3. I really enjoy the honesty of your blogging and how you let us peek into your life.

    I am so pleased that Nao's family have a new arrival - good news in times of adversity is always welcome!

    And how does Plimsoll manage to balance there?

  4. Congratulations on your new family member! Such a wonderful sign of hope for Kesennuma. That weaving looks beautiful! I doubt I could ever weave, it looks mind boggling to me but also a labour of love.

  5. This post is a little bit too weird for me! You posted a picture of the iron gates I am obsessed with; visited my favourite cafe and then to top it all off drank my number one tea! It's only a matter of time before we bump into each other (the question is will I say hello or come over all shy...).

  6. Anonymous22.3.11

    I love your blog. thanks for sharing these beautiful things with us.

  7. Just want to say, I do love your blog. You always manage to be so positive, finding beauty and nature everywhere. Your shed is just perfect, and rather than thinking about being creative, you just are.

  8. You even manage to make woodchip super stylish! xxxx

  9. Hi Artemis,

    What kind of loom do you have?
    Is it easy to use?
    I'm thinking of trying to weave on a loom too, and could do with some pointers on materials, and machines.

    Kind regards

  10. Hi Artemis...I work right behind that gate! How funny.

    I always love to read your blog and ogle the pics. So how funny to see the front door to my workplace there!

    Thanks as always for a great post.x

  11. I can't even imagine how surreal this must be for you both. The weaving does look very soothing... Congratulations on becoming an aunt (and uncle) – there's something life affirming about that isn't there? x

  12. What a chock-a-block post, wow! Your shed is so pretty & I'm in awe of you after finding out you can weave.

  13. I totally agree - linen and cashmere are perfect for each other. Happy to see you're weaving again : )

  14. Woh,busy bee. I would love to learn to weave. theres nothing like a little sunshine to prompt some spring cleaning!

  15. Lovely to see you're weaving again. It was your weaving that made me discover your blog. I love plain weave - you can do so much with it that is subtle and beautiful in a simple way and it really gives attention to your lovely yarns.