8 March 2011

spring gleaming

actually managed a bit of tiding up today. it was a long time coming indeed and our flat is so small that just one bag or box in the room can make it feel a mess. still lots to do however!
Such a beautiful day today wasn't it? Really like spring, i did lots of laundry and dried them outside in the sun. Nao had a nap in the meadow.

Plimsoll has not been outside since October {at least I've never witnessed it} so I thought it about time to get her out where she belongs, I had to actually lift her up off the bed and take her outside, all hissing and spitting at me. As soon as she realised that it was actually quite a nice day, she got into the idea of having an explore. She like exploring only if there is one of her humans nearby. she is a bit scared of birds.

we went deep into the graveyard, there is a lot more to see with there being no leaves on the trees, and lots of places i didn't know were there.

Plimsoll sniffed out something she found intriguing, but she didn't catch anything, just annoyed Mr and Mrs Robin who came out squawking at her. we felt it time to leave the area before Plimsoll was attacked.

the sun began to dip as we entered the cleared area of the graveyard, but more and more birds were coming out of their nests to scare Plimsoll off, it was quite a funny sight!

needless to say, Plimsoll is now back to her position on the duvet, snoring away as per usual!

anyway, at long last the daffs are coming out...

lots of work related things never got done today, but at least we have a tidy flat.
By the way, that lamp I found in the Car boot sale, I took it all apart. I washed the fabric, and replaced the card inside the shade, and cleaned all the fittings and wires. It looks so much better now, and the light is brighter after its wash!

p.s. I forgot to mention that my blog has changed a little! I know Im always changing something as I get bored quite quickly. I had to change the name because I wanted my own .com domain, and Junkaholic was already taken! I thought Tales of a junkaholic was a bit too long for a website.
Anyways, it has all been automatically redirected very cleverly by the folk at blogger.

p.p.s that pressie on the table is for me! its my birthday in a few days and a few days after that, its Nao's birthday. so I have a pressie all the way from Japan, from Nao's Mum! Thank you Nao's Mum!


  1. Yes, it was a very lovely day, after the morning frost had melted away! Just a bit freezing though still! Happy birthday for a few days time. x

  2. I have never been a cat person (they make me sneeze) but I think Plimsol just swayed me!

  3. it's so nice to see the daffs!

  4. Lovely woods and adorable kitty.

  5. Beautiful Spring photos, and Plimsol is gorgeous!

  6. Great photos of Plimsoll exploring!

  7. Happy early Birthday. I hope you get lots of nice treats. It only occured to me today, in the shots that you have taken that Plimsoll looks a lot like my cat, Sally

  8. lovely photos! I especially like the one of haloed headstone. Beautiful !

  9. Oh, I love that lamp so much! It looks great on the table, and the horse (donkey?) is pretty special as well x

  10. The birds may not have been coming for Plimboots at all. I think they eat at dusk , as I've always noticed lots of bird activity at that hour, pretty much year round.

    Tell her I said so.

  11. You photograph buds whilst I photograph the first of the falling leaves. Have a beautiful birthday.

  12. It's so cute that your kitty is afraid of birds. Always enjoy checking out your car boot finds, have just posted one of mine. Lisa:)

  13. Happy Birthday! It's mine tomorrow, I'm so very excited (:

  14. Snap!! Happy Birthday tomorrow x

  15. clever way to keep your blog name with a small spelling change. I love your word and photo pictures of what pleases you. Happy Birthday a bit in advance.
    - Joy

  16. Poor Plimsoll!...
    This cats are just wonderful:)
    My cat Gizmo love birds,too much.
    Have two nice birthdays!
    And a nice evening:):)
    Ann Kristin.

  17. Hope you had a lovely birthday and I hope all Nao's family are alright in Japan!
    I wish my cat was scared of birds - he's normally so lazy but he's killed one everymorning the past few days, including a beautiful Robin which made me cry!