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30 March 2011

I have been at home today, working {honest!} in my shed. I'm sewing some more Liberty fabric strips for some new projects for RUST and playing around with some new ideas too.
Since i tidied the shed up the other day, i just love being in there...listening to the Archers and with the heater on. Soooo cosy. Even Plimsoll came in {she doesn't normally like it in there when the door is closed...she suffers from claustrophobia i think}.

 now looking at my plimsolls {footwear I mean}...

im thinking i could do with some new laces {and new plimsolls too perhaps}.

I made some extra-narrow ones too, i've got a few ideas up my sleeve for these. 
Our new RUST jewellery collection is on its way, taking longer as per usual!
We are also working on a small jewellery collection for raising money to help re-build Nao's home town, Kesennuma. I'll keep you all posted as and when we launch it, but hopefully it will be next week, we are very excited about it!


Plimsoll has her eye on something more important {although I never found out what it was?!}.

P.S...A few people have asked for an update about Nao's family...
They are all well and are living in their house in Kesennuma which was fortunately undamaged by the tsunami. They have been so lucky through all of this and we are sooo relieved that they are safe and well! 
I feel desperately sorry to hear some of their friends and neighbours did not survive, and my heart goes out to their families. I wish I could all of Japan a big hug!...but raising money is all I can do from London.

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