30 March 2011

sewing + philosophising

I have been at home today, working {honest!} in my shed. I'm sewing some more Liberty fabric strips for some new projects for RUST and playing around with some new ideas too.
Since i tidied the shed up the other day, i just love being in there...listening to the Archers and with the heater on. Soooo cosy. Even Plimsoll came in {she doesn't normally like it in there when the door is closed...she suffers from claustrophobia i think}.

 now looking at my plimsolls {footwear I mean}...

im thinking i could do with some new laces {and new plimsolls too perhaps}.

I made some extra-narrow ones too, i've got a few ideas up my sleeve for these. 
Our new RUST jewellery collection is on its way, taking longer as per usual!
We are also working on a small jewellery collection for raising money to help re-build Nao's home town, Kesennuma. I'll keep you all posted as and when we launch it, but hopefully it will be next week, we are very excited about it!


Plimsoll has her eye on something more important {although I never found out what it was?!}.

P.S...A few people have asked for an update about Nao's family...
They are all well and are living in their house in Kesennuma which was fortunately undamaged by the tsunami. They have been so lucky through all of this and we are sooo relieved that they are safe and well! 
I feel desperately sorry to hear some of their friends and neighbours did not survive, and my heart goes out to their families. I wish I could all of Japan a big hug!...but raising money is all I can do from London.


  1. Anonymous30.3.11

    Hi I am so pleased you have updated us on Nao's family, even though I don't know them at all. I think of the worry that Nao has. and you as well.

    Are they well away from the radiation etc.?

    on a lighter note Plimsoll is a star, what a beautiful photo, a little treasure.


  2. totally getting myself a shed! you look like you have way to much fun in there.

    can't wait to hear more about your fun raising plans.. and I'm please Nao's family are safe and home - even though I can't comprehend how they must be feeling..

  3. Anonymous30.3.11

    So very glad about Nao's family.We are still praying for them and for you and Nao.
    Survivor's guilt for them is a silent nasty. Sorry,I don't mean to be grim but it is soooo important to watch out for.It leads to depression pretty quickly.Just something that our family and friends experienced after the fires and wanted to pass on.
    Sending positive energy to you all.

  4. Your cat is so cute, I love the pattern of the fabric you used to make the shoelaces.

  5. What great news about Nao's family, they have been very lucky indeed. I've always admired the calmness & strength of the Japanese, they've certainly needed it lately. You have teeny feet! So do I, so it must be a good thing. Plimsoll has beautiful big eyes, I love the photo of her drinking tea.

  6. Plimsoll looks just like you in the first picture!

  7. We are in LOVE with Plimsoll!

  8. Those shoe laces look so nice… oh, and I want a cat!

  9. Armide31.3.11

    Thanks for the update on Nao' family! I was wondering wether they were living in a shelter. I am glad that they are not! Jaqui is right to mention this "survivor guilt". Nothing to be underestimated! I too experienced it after the Kobe earthquake of 1995 which I survived. This peculiar sense of guilt can be very nasty indeed! I hope they will have access to therapists, if ever needed. I can hardly wait for your "Japan relief jewellery collection"! I hope you will make it available to non UK residents though (I live in France).
    Warmest wishes to you and Nao!

  10. Thank you for the update! And the photos of the lovely Plimsoll, she's so cute.

  11. Anonymous31.3.11

    I just want to tell you that your blog really cheers me up Artemis,it's a great read and you have a good eye for a photo! Keep up the good work!

  12. Oh i love Plimsoll's advetures, she almost needs her own show or at least book! hehe :) purrrrr x

  13. Anonymous1.4.11

    So glad to hear Nao's family are well and their house survived the devastation. So sorry to hear some of their friends and neighbours did not make it. I think of Japan in my prayers and well done on the jewellry collection for the Japan appeal...I lost my job this week but if I have a few spare sheckles I will make a purchase! Ruth.

  14. Every time I see photos of your shed I get so jealous! Our garden is so tiny that a shed would fill up the entire space! Though I guess I should be grateful to have a garden at all in London... I hope one day I can have as lovely a shed as yours, Artemis.