27 March 2011

self preservation

hearing such awful news from Japan about the Fukushima plant, has started me thinking how lovely it would be to not have to damage the world, just for the sake of plugging in our laptop and hairdryers etc...
Imagine just growing our own food, making our own clothes and living the simple life, I pondered. Of course, people already did this hundreds of years ago, and they had hard lives and died young. 
So, my happy medium is to plant a few spring onions and a couple of beetroot in the garden and then have a nice cuppa tea.

...in actual fact, we had a luncheon fit for a king {or a queen ahem ahem}. Nao made mackerel pate for the first time and we downed it with hot buttered toast and a lovely salad. Accompanied with a refreshing tipple of white wine generously bestowed to us from our neighbour up stairs.

I then drunkenly planted up some fleurs too {cause eye candy is important for survival too}...

please note that everything is in tubs. This is because we have a rented garden...oh humm...


  1. I think it looks beautiful. I love the idea of living the good life too, but I couldn't live without the internet! I have an allotment so grow a bit of my own veg, I love that all your pots and tubs are pretty.

  2. I LOVE all the tubs and pots!!! I would never have thought to turn a basket into a garden. Way cool!

  3. good on you! We have just started our journey trying to live more simply and growing our own food and I have found that the satisfaction and happiness is better than anything that I could have bought in the past! Enjoy watching things grow.

  4. Very true! I unfortunately don't have a garden, but I make the most of my window sills, where I grow all kinds of herbs (basil and mint do very well!)
    Loevely pictures, I always like to read your posts :)

    xx Viola

  5. your little garden is lovely. very idyllic indeed! and i definitely like the tub look. hooray for beetroots! xo

  6. Love your garden! And that lunch sounds delicious.

  7. I LOVE that wicker planter! Did you make it or buy it like that? Can you tell us where or how? Please?
    (I have a rented garden too and need more planter ideas...!)

  8. Bella...

    £19 B&Q!

  9. Anonymous28.3.11

    beautiful planter , I just adore your shed, do you have a name for it apart from Shed,? Could I make a suggestion is the basket leaning right up against your shed with all that soil it could make your corner of your shed damp, I hope you dont mind me mentioning it ,

    Hope Nao' s family are coping with everything , are they out of the danger zones ?


  10. Thanks Joan,

    The planter is lined and the shed is waterproof, so I don't think it will get damp.

  11. oh it's 'the good life' happening in your backyard! nice work x

  12. Armide29.3.11

    Oh! jealous, jealous I am!!!
    I used to have pots on the balcony of my previous flat, but not anymore as I have moved to an old building. I long for a garden, even a tiny one would do! And my cats would love it too! Gardening is good for the mind I think!
    I hope that Nao's family is doing all right. Are they staying in Kesennuma or have they moved to a more confortable location, even temporarily?

    Best wishes from Armide

  13. It's a good start! Self sufficiency is not easy, but it's a lovely dream.

  14. i love your little garden and the plants in tubs. enjoyed your tea. :D