17 March 2011


I don't normally blog about other companies and stuff, but I recently discovered this Eco friendly clothing company Rapanui.
They are based on the Isle of Wight, that's where I come from y'know! To show my support of my fellow islanders and genuine love of their ethic, thought I'd share it with you.
I just bought this green bag, I am waiting for the illustration to be on a tshirt too {hint hint} as anything with a tash on it gets a thumbs up from me. I also bought a simple bright vest...can't wait for some sunny weather now.
That's enough from me today!
{they do nice socks too, perfect for wearing with me Birkenstocks, I kid you not}.


  1. The bag is great - anything with a moustache makes me automatically giggle!

  2. Nicole18.3.11

    I love that you plan to wear the stripey socks with your Birks. It's good to know I'm not the only one who still wears them. Have a great weekend!